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Anime North 2001 pics.

May 25-27, 2001
Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel
901 Dixon Road
Toronto, M9W 1J5
Ontario, Canada

Well, another year, another con...what can I say? It was a ball. Between the 24hr anime and other japanese movies on the hotels internal tv network, the excelent costumes and running into some old friends, it was fun. We will definately be back again next year, too bad its gonna be at the dog of a Regal hotel. Thank the gods the Marriotts right across the street. Excellent Hot Tub and the beds don't feel like old WWF wrestling rings. ^_^

This year I didn't get as many shots as I wanted...technical problems prevented me from shooting as many as I wanted to..(digital cams are great...IF! you can dump the pics to PC in order to free up more memor for more shots.) On the plus side, I did get a couple of hot ones this year, more digital film, plus a camcorder (I hope)

If you have a site with Anime North pics and want to link up, shoot me your URL and I'll do the link swap with ya.- Bob

Feel free to post these on your site, but I do ask ya let me know where you're posting em. Thanks!


Yup, theres only a fewthat made it this year. so, rather than thumbnail em, I'm just being lazy n posting em as is. Click on the text description to download. Enjoy.

2 Pics of Susans "Warrior Lum" costume - 1 2

2 Pics of Susan with an incredibly hot Naga. 1 2

1 from Anime Cafe

Steve Bennett with Warrior Lum...Man, does he look happy or what?


More Anime North pics can be found at the official AN site

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