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Toronto Trek 12 Pic Page.

10-12 July 1998
Regal Constellation Hotel
900 Dixon Road,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M9W 1J7


Here's some pics of me, and my friend Sandy- the Living Sailor Moon. :) Click on any thumbnail to view picture in full size.  

NOTE: These pics are from Toronto Trek 12, and earlier.

Me with Fuzzy

A Not so hot pic of me taken after an exhausting 2 hr drive to Toronto Trek 12. 
I'm the one on the bottom. 
Fuzzy on my head is a Cabbits.  Theres 4 in the cabbit clan. This one is Ryo-Ohki.  The others are This-End-Up, Chibi and Inventory.  (He's named that cuz he started out as part of our inventory, and the joke name's stuck.) 

Shirt says "J.O.B. Squad - Pin Me, Pay Me"  on back - "Been There, Took That".

Original Pic got partially cut off due to a faulty shutter speed.  This copy's been heavily scrubbed. :)

Original Picture
Feeling Blue?


Me as Tuxedo Mask. Sandy liked it.
I don't think I look so hot. Oh well. 


Us as that Evil fighting Duo. She's the one with the Meatballs.  This was taken by a nice college type person who was working on a photography assignment.  I think he got a B.   Taken at the Walden Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga NY on Halloween 1997.

Sandy Moon

Sandy as Sailor Moon.  She runs Otaku-No-Tsuki, which has just gone international and is setting up satellite chapters.  Wanna set up your own Sailor Moon / Anime club with an International presence?  Email for info. 

More Moon

Full length version of the above. 


Pics of Sandy on Stage at Toronto Trek 12 during the Masquerade.  She won Best of Anime. 

Pics are around 100 kb.


Still posing.


Still posing.


Running off stage.

Sandy - before

Sandy, several years ago, before she started growing her hair into killer ponytails.

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