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Toronto Trek 15
20-22 July 2001
Regal Constellation Hotel
900 Dixon Road,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M9W 1J7

Went with Susan, her friend Liv and Susans Mom Nicke. Drive was normal for a Toronto run (ie we hit some traffic). Hotel reg was flawless (cuz we stayed at the Marriott across the street...much nicer beds, smaller crowd.)

Con seemed a little light on the attendence this year, and the Masqurade only had 38 (???) entries this year, but man, they had some good ones. Alot of fresh faces in there, and while a few people did the same shtick as always (note: dont do same act at every con in same town...), most were original and all had a ball. It appeared to me that the production values as a whole have been taken up a few notches, and it seemed like everyone involved, from the entrants, to the judges, to the stage crew and the MC were in high spirits. I haven't seen the official awards list yet, but I gotta tell ya, if the Looney Toonies didn't get at least "Best of Show", its a crime. They got the loudest responce of anyone up there. And Derwin Mack....what can I nailed Florida right on the head. Thanks for the laugh. :)

The con itself was decent. Not too much on the programming this year to keep us occupied, but there was still enough to do that the weekend just seemed to fly by way too soon. Registration was quick, and the layout of everything was good. (first con I 'think' I found everything at in a while.)

We will be back again next year Definately, and next year, we got a few ideas of our own to spring on the world. <EG>

Anyways, here's what I shot this year (that came out a few more if I can fix em I'll add em at the bottom.) If you see yourself or know who some of these folks are, lemme know. Its about time I started putting faces to names, I think. Funniest pic in the bunch has to be the 2 Klingons n Susan...Seems these 2 fierce warriors were so smitten by the young Jedi's beauty that they began to bid for her services...eventually, they settled it in an interesting manner....find the pic...thats all I can say. Thanks guys for the laughs. See ya next year. :)


Who's Who?

3M1 = Nicke, Liv, Susan

3M2 = Nicke, Liv, Susan

Hall1, 5 and 6 = ?? and Susan

Klingons = ??, Prang? and Susan.

Masq10, Masq7
Knighted Bliss
Christina Carr & Martin Hunger
Theres a beautiful story to go with these costumes, and rather than do it wrong, read it for yourself on their web site. Love is a wonderous thing. :)

Best Presentation
A Knight's Fable
Melissa Small, Alan Brundage, JP Lefreniere, Rachael Welch, Jasmine Rabb

Masq4, Masq9 and Hall3
The Smackdown Award
Imperial Battle Royale
TX741, Avatar, Mookie, TR1125, TK878, TT501 (not in order)
(Website is

Best Recreation
The Host by Miranda Feenstra

The "My Shiny Thing" Award
Lleri Cantory Andorian Ambassador to Earth
Pat Woodey.


ok, so who's everyone else? These are great costumes, and I'd like to give credit. :)

Masqurade Results now available at our forums and on the official TT web site


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