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Graphical Creations Gallery

This is an area where you can check out some of my work. Some is business, some play. I use various software for each one, and sometimes, something cool comes out of it. Check out the forums, specifically the "Dark Kingdom area" (members only) for more of my image work, especially the more exotic.

NEW : <Image Gallery> -
Check it out. It has a ton my con pics, artwork, graphics, and more.
Over 400 images.

From Toronto Trek 12, the camera chopped off part of my head. (I know, many wanna do that, but the cam did it). This one was one of the first ones I did. Re creating half the image and blending so it looked natural.The end product was a little playing around...always wanted to see what my hair would look like I know. :) Files are about 40-100kb each, 800-1000 wide.

Bad pic

fixed pic

Feelin Blue?

An 800x600 design I did for a shirt a while back. Lots of tweaking to blend this one. Sadly, the quality of some of the original images was lacking, but it came out ok.
Shirt 1
A green emerald gem I did for the old interface here. Loses a little in the translation to GIF.
Another part of the old interface. This is based on a Shirken (throwing star), but rounded and jeweled)
2 image combos I put together a while back for my now-girlfriend.Caption for image 1 could be taken from the guys on Toronto Treks message area. :)
gift 2
Where did Excalibur go after Arthur? This Bryce, Lightwave image attempts to answer that question. Works very well as a wallpaper for windows.
Wheres Excalibur?
Here is a college of pics... The 2 on the left are the 'modifieds', the 2 on the right are the source pics. Thanks to Susan, Jackie, Gord and Miko.
Green Chicks are Cool
Here are 2 pics of Susan wearing the Official MartialTalk tee shirt. The first pic has some minor editing, mostly the background. The second, has some tonal variations, and we changed the color of the shirt. The next 2 are the Orion Slave Girl Pics, 1 in a bodice, the other in a school girl outfit.
More Green Chicks
3 Variations on a theme. Heres Susan in all her glory, as an submisive Orion slave girl. First 2 pics are a night scene, 1 with a castle. The 3rd pic is a day scene, with the castle in the background. Day sky is Bryce, night skys are Photoshop. Castle is stock photo from somewhere.
Hot Green Chicks

Crew of the U.S.S. Columbia
On February 3rd, 2003 the U.S.S. Columbia disintegrated while on reentry. There were no survivors of the 7 person international crew.

This is my personal tribute to the crew. Permission is granted for full distribution and display of this image provided it is not edited or altered in any way.

USS Columbia

The Masters

This is a tribute to those who went before and developed some of the arts we train in today. It is the splash logo for one of the hottest martial arts forums online -

martialtalk logo

Water and Stone

This image edit brings together several pieces. The model and the forground were photographed at the Regal Constelation hotel in Toronto Canada during the Toronto Trek convention. The waterfall was added to the background (covering up some badly pealed paint and radiators, and a surging pool was created underneath. Fairy wings were also worked into the image to give a fantasy twist. (Added July 2003)

Water and Stone
More examples of my work are posted on my forum.


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