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Links to the Universe.

Ok, I finally got in here to do a mega-clean up. Its a little sparse for now. I'll add more when I get around to it. :)

Other Places To Visit

The Martial Talk Blog
Bob Hubbard, founder of the Internet community shares his thoughts on the martial arts, and advice for students and school owners.

Martial Art Photography Blog
Featuring the MartialArts Photography of Bob Hubbard

Random Acts of Healing
Information on health, healing and enjoying a healthy life

Bob Hubbard on the Internet
Articles and Commentary by Bob Hubbard on web site development, marketing, and operation, as well as other assorted internet related issues.

I.K.V. Devisor - WNY Sci-Fi Fantasy and More

Nephrites' Citadel

The MartialTalk Network - All your Martial Arts Information Needs...and More!

WNY Martial Arts

World Modern Arnis Alliance
Remy Presas' Modern Arnis Organization

Fillipino Martial Arts



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The Official Bastard Operator From Hell Page. 
If you've ever been a Sys-Admin, or done Tech Support, you've felt like doing this!

Pagan?  Need Info?  Try  A Great source of Pagan and Wiccan Information.

The Witches Voice

The Witches Voice

The Witches Voice


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