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PLEASE NOTE : WebPage / Archivers Note : If you intend on posting this fan-fic on your site, a piece of e-mail indicating your desire to do so would be appreciated. Other legal stuff is located at the end of the story.   [ NOTE : This is set about 5 years after Sailor-Moon and the Senshi defeat Queen Beryl ]

    Jadeite and Mars

The Generals Saga - Part 1 : Jadeite’s Story   

Version 1.0b By Bob Hubbard (



He remembered screaming as the flames engulfed him, and the pain, Gods! The Pain! And suddenly he felt nothing. He could not move, could not see, could not feel, but he could hear, faintly as if at a great distance, yet knowing they were near….

"Is he dead?" "No, he lives but barely. My powers can not save him, but there is a chance."

"What can be done for him my Queen?" He recognized Nephrite’s voice asking.

"I can encase him in a sleep crystal in a state of suspended animation while Metallia works to heal him. Her power is weak however so it may take some time. She can only start the spark of regeneration, the rest will be up to Jadeite’s will to live. He’s lucky to have even this chance, as another second or two under Mars fire blast and he would have been dead before he was teleported back here. " The voice of Queen Beryl said.

"I swear I will avenge you my friend. Those damned Senshi will fall to my wrath" Nephrites voice was the last thing he heard as the sleep took him.


He awoke. ‘Oh my head, why is it buzzing so?’ He wondered. Slowly, he opened his eyes. ‘I can See! My eyes are healed, but what of the rest of me?’ He thought. With fear he looked down, expecting the worse, but he saw only a blur, his body still encased in crystal, only his right arm and head were free. ‘What has happened here?’ he thought. As he looked around, all he could see was ruins, a small emergency light flashing in the distance, very dim. ‘This happened a long time ago, several years by the looks of things. What caused me to awaken now?’ He wondered, looking around for something to use to free him from his crystalline prison. He spotted a metal rod near him. As he reached for it, his struggles caused a small part of the crystal to fall, knocking him unconscious.

He awoke. Something definitely was wrong. He shouldn’t feel this weak. He was Jadeite. A General. Sworn to protect Prince Endymnion. Prince Endymnion???? Where did that come from? The Prince was dead. He’d seen that. He was there during the attack all those years ago. He saw the Prince die. <My friend> What the..???..? What is happening to me? Wha….

He Remembered.

I noticed her at once. Her eye’s seemed to call to me, yet I couldn’t find the courage to face her.

She seemed so sure of herself, so full of confidence. I wanted to talk to her so much, but fear held me back. Until that day. I never did find out if Endymnion set me up, or if it was just circumstance.

"Lord Jadeite, the Prince and Princess have requested that we escort them to tonight’s Grand-Ball. I thought we might at least talk while they dance, or are you just going to stand there and act the good soldier all night?" She asked.

"Yes, my Lady. I mean nn No my Lady, I mean….."

"Calm down, relax. It’s not like I’m grading you on this. Would you like some punch?" She asked

"Please, I would love some." She walked across the room to the refreshment table to pour it. ‘Great! She thinks I’m a stammering fool now. Gods is she beautiful’. She returned.

"Here you are. Lord Zoisite tells me you’re a researcher, and that your latest project was something of a controversy back on Earth due to it’s nature. May I ask what it was?"

‘I’m going to kill him’ I thought. "Umm, it’s …well, uhh…" I stammered.

"Lord Jadeite, I do believe you are blushing, but I don’t understand why. Is there something about your research project that is embarrassing?" She asked.

"Umm, well actually no, I just find it a little, umm, difficult to discuss it with a Lady. It’s a rather delicate subject" I replied.

"I still don’t understand. What could it be that is difficult to discuss?"

"Well, it’s, umm, the arts of pleasure" I whispered.

"Oh….. You mean like sex?" She asked, blushing a little.

"Partially. Courtship rituals, aromatherapy, massage, and other more elaborate ways for lovers to find pleasure." I replied, sure that I was turning as red a tomato.

"I see. And you find this hard to discuss due to our positions, our gender differences, or due to being a bit shy?" She asked. I swear she was probing me.

"Um, yes. To all of the above, my Lady."

She seemed to be thinking for a minute, trying to come to a decision. To my surprise, and causing me to blush again, she took my hand in hers.

"Lord Jadeite, I would, if it please you, like to see your research. I understand your discomfort, but maybe I can help you. I know something of aromatherapy, and it would please me to see your notes. But if I might be so forward, it would also please me if you would call me by my given name."

Her reply surprised me. I was stunned. Her earlier boldness in hindsight seemed to be an attempt to break me out of my shell. This newly revealed tender side surprised me. She seemed nervous though, as if afraid she had somehow offended me. I hastened to answer her.

"My Lady, I would be pleased to have your assistance, as a woman’s perspective would greatly help in balancing my research. I would also be honored to call you by name. But I have given you none in return yet. It would please me if you would call me Jadite."

"Thank you. I was afraid I had pushed too much and offended you Jadite-san. I would be pleased if you would call me Rei."

Just then the Circle started. A traditional dance of the Earth, it was often used to close small formal gatherings, with all in attendance forming a large circle, with one pair of dancers at a time approaching the center of the circle, and waltzing around it’s circumference clockwise, and then parting.

"Rei-san, would you care to …" "..Dance" She finished. "I’d love to Jadite-san"

And as we waltzed, I saw the look on Endymnion’s face, and knew he had set me up, but I didn’t care.

The smile on Rei-san’s face, and the twinkle in her eyes, matched I’m sure in mine were all I needed that night to warm my heart.


It was several days later and I was meeting her for lunch. I had butterflies in my stomach, I was so nervous. She was there waiting for me, by a waterfall that would soon become "Our Place".

"Greetings Jadite-san. I arrived a little early and found a really quiet spot for us to relax at while we eat"

"Wonderful Rei-san. I brought my notes as you asked. Hopefully you can read my handwriting." I replied with a smile.

"Well, let me see them. They certainly can’t be any harder to read than my friend Mercury’s. She has such an ordered mind, yet her handwriting looks like spaghetti." She said, her eyes twinkling.

"Isn’t she studying under the court-healer? Such training doesn’t leave one time to write legibly. Especially if Kodai-Senshi is as fast a speaker as I have heard."

"He is certainly a capable teacher, but yes he does talk fast."

"It would be interesting to compare his speed against my weapons-master. He also speaks fast, and I’ve never seen a faster draw."

We spent the rest of the afternoon going over my notes. I noticed her blushing at some of the more detailed drawings, but she seemed genuinely interested in the subject. As the day came to a close, we parted somewhat reluctantly, but promising to meet again.


"Damn it Nephrite, Stop teasing me. We’re just friends." I said, angry at my friend or myself, I’m not sure.

"Ah, but Jadeite my friend, The Stars Know All, and I’ve seen in your Stars something with this Senshi. You can’t fool me, we’ve know each other too long. Does she know how you feel about her?" Nephrite inquired.

"No. I’m afraid if I say anything, she might take offense and then I’ll never see her again. I mean, we’ve only know each other a few months now."

"I’ve known Jupiter about the same length of time, yet we’ve found we’re so much alike we’ve started to discuss marriage. No, don’t look at me like that, it’s just that, discuss. We’re a long ways from actually going through with it, but someday……..Anyway, I’m going into town today, why don’t you join me and lets see if we can find her a small gift that won’t be mis-interpreted?" He asked.

"Ok, what do you have in mind?"

"Well, girls love gifts, and a small piece of jewelry might be just the item to break the ice."

We looked at hundreds of items, most too garish, or cheap for someone of her status. We were at a small stand with an old woman selling earrings when Nephrite seemed to find what he had in mind.

"How about these? Didn’t you say her favorite color was red?" He asked indicating a small, metallic-red pair of star shaped earrings.

"Hmm, they might do. I think I’ll buy them and give them to her tomorrow when we meet for lunch. How about you?"

"I found a nice pair for Jupiter. What do you think, will she like them?" He asked.

"My friend, she’ll love them, especially if they are from you. Now, shouldn’t we be getting back to the Palace? The Prince wants to leave for the Moon tonight, and we’re supposed to be in our dress best…."


That day we walked in the park, strolling along the stream simply enjoying each others company.

"Rei-chan, I umm, would like you to have this small gift." I stammered, handing her the small, giftwrapped package.

"Jadite-san, I am honored. Why, they are beautiful, I love them. Thank you!" And before I could react, she had thrown her arms around me, and kissed me. I froze. She backed away, suddenly nervous.

"Did I misunderstand? I thought…" she trailed off.

"No, Rei, you didn’t, I just was taken by surprise." And then I kissed her. Her lips were so sweet, her arms wrapped around my shoulders, and we simply stood there in each other’s embrace, the Earth shining above us for what seemed like hours, yet was only a few too short minutes. We heard footsteps coming down the path, and hastened to compose ourselves.

"Ah, Lord Jadeite, Lady Mars, a council has been called, and the Queen commands your attendance. Please meet Her Majesty in the council chambers at the Palace."

Fear gripped my heart. I knew what must have happened. We went at a run at once.


Details of the council are vague, the fear paralyzing me. I remember seeing Nephrite come in, followed by Zoisite. Kunzite was sitting at the table, his face ashen.

I remember dis-jointed pieces of conversation, nothing that makes sense now, it’s all to jumbled.

Atlantis Gone? How could that be? They had the 5 Walls to protect them, and an entire legion of our finest troops. Mu all that’s left? Our fleet swept from the sea’s like a child’s toys? This is madness! What kind of power did Beryl command to send so many of our men to Hades? Now I knew why Kunzite was so pale. I was ordered to take my command back to Earth and fortify the right flank of the capital. What good could my 500 men do against a force which had already destroyed 100,000? I do my duty for my Prince, who will stay behind to organize the Moon’s defenses, as they are surely next in line for attack.


"My dear, don’t cry. You must be strong. I’ll only be gone a few days and then we can have lunch at Our-Place again" I said, trying to boost her spirits, though knowing I’d probably not live to see her again.

"Jad-Kun, Come back to me. I’ve found in you a companion-spirit, and don’t want to lose you, not now."

"I’ll return as soon as I can, I promise Rei-ko. I…I Love you." I admitted, for the first time, to her and to myself.

"I love you too Jad., Here, take one of my earrings to remind you of me and protect you. Hurry back my love!"


I listened to the reports coming in…our left flank was caving in, our center smashed, our rear about to fall and our right a joke. Where can all these warriors be coming from, we must have killed 10,000 ourselves, and they were still coming.

"Sir, watch out ARGGH!" I watched as my loyal lieutenant took an arrow meant for me. Suddenly, they were among us, the fighting Hand-To-Hand. I saw my men fight valiantly, but to no avail. The were simply too many of them to hold. Suddenly, everything went black.


My head felt like I’d just returned from a three-day pass.

"Good, you’re awake at last" said a familiar voice.

"No, Zoisite. They captured you too? What happened??"

"The Queen would like to talk to you my ‘Friend’"

"The Queen???, Who are you talking about?"

"Queen Beryl rules Earth now. He is awake your majesty."

"Ahh Lord Jadeite. Regained your wits yet? Good. Now we have much to discuss, you and I"

"What did you do to Zoisite?" I demanded

"I simply helped correct a few of his misconceptions about how an empire is ruled, as I will do for you now. Meet the source of my power, and ability to wipe your grand-army from the face of the Earth. Metallia, come forth!!!" She cried.

I watched as a long tentacled shadow extended from the wall. It touched my brow and everything turned into pure agony! I passed out.


I awakened shortly thereafter, but it was like my heart and mind were locked away. I could see and hear everything I did and said, but it wasn’t me. I could just look on in agony. Oh Rei!! I’m sorry, so sorry for what I did. I couldn’t help myself. I tried to fight it, but the grip on my mind was too tight. I wish I had died in that attack, so I wouldn’t have had to see what happened to you.


The Palace was in flames. Bodies everywhere. Rubble crunching under my boots as I walked. My troops were already starting to loot, and the moon kingdom’s defenders lie dying around them. A klaxon sounded in the distance summoning the Elite-Senshi to surround the Princess and my Prince as a last ditch attempt to stop us. It was no good. Saw Metallia launch blast after blast destroying the hastily erected breastworks surrounding the Queen and her court. Sailor-Mars went running by, and saw me.

"Jad-Kun, You’re Alive! I had heard you were killed when the Earth Capital fell. I’m so hap..Urk!" she grunted as my blade entered her stomach.

"Why? My love, Why? I thought we meant something to each other? Why?" I heard the betrayal in her voice, and the hurt as she tried to speak, her life force draining from her.

"Because. Because I’m not the man you loved. Queen Beryl has shown me the lie that love is. Good bye."

I turned to leave, but something allowed me to linger for one second longer.

"Jad-kun, I know this isn’t really you. She has you under a spell, and I know you do care about me."

I turned back, screaming "You don’t know anything!" I kicked her, Hard, in the stomach. I saw the pain go through her, yet she still struggled on. I ran her through once more, and started to walk away.

"Jad-kun…." I heard her call, her voice a whisper on the wind, "…I love you."

I turned back, but the light had gone out of her eyes forever. My heart broke, but my body refused to acknowledge it.

I joined my fellow Generals on a hill overlooking the Palace. Suddenly there was such a pain in my head, ohh the pain as Queen Serenity used her power to lock Metallia and us away.


We were locked away for a thousand years, yet Metallia’s power kept us alive. We finally broke through to the outside universe and slowly began to seek ways to re-energize Metallia in order to strike the final blow. I was chosen to lead the mission to "acquire" the energy needed. Everything went well until this young girl named Sailor Moon started showing up. Somehow, she was beating me even though she seemed so awkward. First looks can be deceiving, as I learned to my regret. One plan backfired and suddenly I had this guy in a cape to deal with, and then another resulted in a young blue haired girl joining her. Still under Metallia’s influence, I failed to recognize Sailor Mercury for who she was. But the crowning blow was after I infiltrated that temple. Something about that girl, caused my heart to beat again. I can’t explain it, it was as if she could see through me. And then SHE reappeared. Sailor Mars. My love, but not her. Something had changed in the time we were locked away. I had watched her die. This couldn’t be my Mars, yet she looked just like her, but either didn’t recognize me, or refused to remember. It doesn’t matter I guess, as I immediately went about trying to kill them all again. I thought my plan foolproof, but that airport was my undoing. She cornered me, and then that fire, that damned fire. But at least it released me from the hell I was living under Metallia’s control.

Oh Mars, my Rei-ko. Can you ever forgive me for what I did to you, and those you love. I feel my strength leaving. With Metallia’s power gone somehow, my life force is draining. Perhaps we’ll meet again in the after-life. I love you.

"Damn it Jupiter, why are we here again? We kicked these creeps asses 5 years ago. Surely no-one’s left."

"Stow it Mars. Luna said she detected a strange reading from this old base, and wanted us to check it out. You take the left hallway, and I’ll take the right, ok?"

"Ok, but don’t take too long. This place gives me the creeps!"

She walked through the ruins, looking into destroyed room after destroyed room. Suddenly, she ‘felt’ something familiar. Turning around, she saw a room full of large crystals. Looking closer, she could see people in them, obviously dead.

"Jupiter, Get over here! I found something!"

She heard Jupiter running down the hall. When she arrived she surveyed the situation.

"Damn, must have been all those people Beryl didn’t want around anymore"

"They’re all dead. All of them. Wait, what was that?" Mars looked around, uncertain.

"Wait, that one. He moved. Here, help me turn him over. Maybe we can save him."

They turned over the crystal, noting the blond man trapped within.

"Jadeite!!!" Screamed Mars.

"Who?" asked Jupiter.

"He was the first of the Generals to attack us. I thought I fried this guy 6 years ago. Well, he ain’t going anywhere soon."

"Look, he’s coming around, stand back!"

"Where, where am I?, Ohh, so cold. Who’s there?, Ahh, Lady Jupiter, I’m glad it was you who found me. I haven’t got much time, for I am dying…."

"I thought I fried you! And how do you know Jupiter? She wasn’t with us when you were around!"

"Rei-ko, is that you? Forgive me my love. I can’t explain now, there’s no time but please read this. I wrote my thoughts in case someone found me after I died. I’m glad it was you. Please forgive….."

He died. A small booklet dropped from his hand.

Shaken, Mars picked it up.

"We should give this to Luna."

"Mars, for some reason, he wanted you to read it. I don’t think he would boobytrap a book"

"Ok, but stand watch".


"Jupiter, this can’t be true. Me and Him?, I mean it’s just so weird."

"What did Nephrite look like?"

"Hmm, him, well, he was tall, with long ..

"…wavy brown hair, and blue eyes??" Jupiter finished.

"How did you know…"

"There’s been a strange man in my dreams for as long as I can remember. I see him, we’re under the stars and parting. He says ‘ I promise. I’ll be back as soon as possible my love’, and then I feel a pain deeper than I’ve ever felt, a longing, and more. This explains a lot of things……. I found this in his pocket."

"It’s an earring…it’s familiar somehow…I remember…Oh God, it’s true. Oh Jupiter, I remember. It explains so much, the faceless man in my dreams, why I felt like it was wrong to flame him, I ….it’s took much….Let’s get out of here."

"Rei, before we go….he deserves a proper funeral. Even though he did evil, now we know why. Why they all did. I think he would prefer you to do it."

"Yes, you’re right. Could you give me a few minutes alone?"

"I’ll be outside"

"Thank you"

She sat for a while, coming to grips with what she had just learned.

Slowly, she approached Jadeites’ body. Summoning her courage and powers she sent a concentrated blast of fire into him, burning him to ashes within seconds. She walked to the door and paused.

She turned.

"I forgive you, my love."

[Version Info]

Version 1.0 Basic Story

Version 1.0a Spelling, grammar and some punctuation corrected

Version 1.0b Spelling, grammar and some punctuation corrected few minor-minor touch ups.


[ Authors Notes ]

This is my second attempt at a fan-fic. Most of my exposure to Sailor Moon has been the NA version, with the subbed R & S movies and orig. Ep.44-46. [plus reading tons of fan-fic, & having aprox 1 GB of grfx/sound/etc. files] Anyone willing to somehow provide other eps. Subtitled, please drop me e-mail at ( They would be greatly appreciated! Please send comments, suggestions, or your own fan-fics to those addresses to. No flames please.

I am using the re-incarnated name of Sailor Mars as her personal-name. These personal names are special, and aren’t used casually be just anyone. I used a variation of Jadeite’s name to suggest a bit more friendliness on his part towards Mars. This was later shortened to Jad-kun as Rei got more familiar and closer to him. My intention being to reflect the deep level of affection between the two, and therefore further heighten the pain of betrayal during the assault on the Moon Kingdom. As to the major reason why Sailor-Mars - Rei : She is the princess of Mars, the representative of her people to the princess’s court and the princess’s sworn guardian. She holds the rank/title of Senshi. So, in English she is the Warrior of Mars, Rei. (Hopefully this clears up any confusion). Some may question why when he dies, Jadeite doesn’t just evaporate like the other 3. The other 3 Generals were still under Metallia’s enchantment when they dies, hence their evaporation into a sort-of disembodied state. Jadeite had been returned to his mortal self due to a complex reaction between the sleep crystal, Metallia’s influence, and other things which are beyond the space here to go into. Others may question where certain lines of thought come from. Remember, these are the memories of a dying man, so they may omit certain dialogue, or other off-screen activities. As to where Mars’ statement about a "faceless man" comes from, keep in mind her present training in Shinto, which may have allowed her access to part of her memories in the form of dreams, but because of the past betrayal and pain, and the current battles her subconscious wouldn’t allow her to put a face to this man. Certain other "where did that come from…"’s will be explained, or at least clarified as this series progresses.

  I can be reached at for comments, accolades and suggestions. - Bob  


Copyright / Legal Stuff : Copyright(C)1997,1999 Bob Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  Sailor Moon and it’s associated terms/characters/locations/etc. are Trademarks of Naoko Takeuchi and are used without permission yet without malice. This story is a derivative work, and in no way, shape or form is intended to be an infringement of those rights. Permission is granted to individuals to distribute this document UNCHANGED. Posting of this on Web-Pages, Public Archives or BBS’s is granted as long as the person publishing this on a web-site or archiving this in an Archive posts/archives it UNCHANGED. At no time whatsoever, is this document to be published on a CD-ROM, Collections type disk, or in Paper form.

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