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  [ NOTE : This is set at some undetermined time period after the defeat of Queen Beryl.]

Kunzite and Venus

Sailor Moon - The Generals Saga : Kunzite's Story

  Version 1.0

by Bob Hubbard (

Copyright (C)1998, 1999 Bob Hubbard  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


-The Dream-

"Ahhhhh!" She screamed, waking from 'the' dream, again. For the last month she had been suffering from nightmares. Or rather, a nightmare. It was always the same dream, over and over again. Not since her parents deaths had she suffered from repeats of the same nightmare. Only this one seemed different, somehow. Like a long repressed memory that was only now fighting to be remembered. The way her memories were, it was possible. Hell, it’s a wonder any of them were sane with what they had been through the last 5 years. Dying and being reborn. Having their minds cleared and memories locked away of that first year. Of their own deaths at Beryl's minions hands in protection of the Princess. Of the Princess dying to save them all, but being reborn more powerful. Of their friendships with each other forged through those difficult times of the Dark Kingdom War. Of their rediscovery of who they were and what their purpose was. There was still so much that was fuzzy. Shadows moving through the mind, ever elusive, always just a fingers length away. She rolls over, to try and get some sleep.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Damn! Why won't it leave her alone? Always the same. A palace in ruins, a shadowy warrior who has just bested her, a feeling of betrayal, and an apology? It makes no sense. The warrior who has beaten her, seems familiar, intimate, but the face is always a blur.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Damn Damn Damn! I need sleep, why can't it take one day off? Wait a minute, it was 'different'. How? The face! I could see his face! Who are you, that haunts my dreams from so long ago?

This time, she enters the dream willingly, seeking the answers……………


"Finish it!" She demanded.

"So be it." Was his reply as he brought the sword down on her neck.

‘Is that a tear?’ is her last thought in this life as his blade neatly detaches her head from her body.


"Ahhhhh!" She awoke, screaming yet again. The longer this goes on, the worse her grades are gonna get with the lack of sleep. And I thought Usagi fell asleep in class a lot.

"Damn, I need a drink" she said out loud. "No you don’t. You need some warm milk. And get me a glass while you’re at it" Artemis offered as he entered her room. "You still having those nightmares?" He asked.

"Yes. And its always the same. A ruined palace, and someone who has just beaten me and I think I die at the end. Its like a partial memory but I can’t seem to make out those bits that would bring it all into focus. It’s like my mind is blocking off part of this to protect me. I feel, betrayed in this dream."

"It’s a memory, I’m sorry to say. Queen Serenity probably locked part of that last battle on the moon away so that all of you Senshi could battle Beryl without hesitation."

"Ok. Taking that at face value, then who is the warrior? He cuts my damn head off at the end, and all I can feel there is sadness? Like he’s my boyfriend or something? Who is or was he?"

"I’m not sure you or the others are truly ready for the full truth."

"Damn it you fur ball, this is driving me insane here. I can’t sleep, I can’t concentrate and I’m falling behind in school. Tell me."

"He was one of Endymnion’s guards. The Captain to be exact. Your counterpart."

"Yes, but who was he?!"

"Both the Princess and the Prince had private bodyguards. The princess’s were the Senshi of the Inner Planets, whose powers were derived from their guardian planets. The prince’s were the kings of the four largest providence’s on Earth, who had sworn allegiance to the King of Earth and the Moon Kingdom. During the many visits the Prince had to the Moon Kingdom, he and his guards fell in love with the Princess and her guardians. Princess Serenity had Endymnion, Lady Mars had Lord Jadeite, Lady Jupiter had Lord Nephrite, Lady Mercury had Lord Zoisite and Lady Venus had …"

"Kunzite." She finished for him.

"Yes. Even though there were rules about the Gods marrying mortals, there were exceptions made in the past, and it was felt that allowing the two courts to become ‘close’ would help to unify the two kingdoms."

"What happened?"

"Beryl. Somehow she raised an army, and almost crushed the moon kingdom. At the end, the only survivors were Queen Serenity, Luna and myself. Oh, and Beryl’s army. The Queen sacrificed herself to lock Beryl’s force away, and revive the children in the future where they could be safe. Luna and I were put into sleep until we were needed."

"I know that part. I mean what happened to turn these ‘loves’ sour?"

"I don’t know. All I remember was a bunch of tearful farewells and then everyone was fighting. I didn’t see much of the actual battles. Just the bodies. I never want to see that again."

"But why these dreams? Why now? We beat Beryl years ago. Why didn’t I remember then?"

"Because you weren’t ready yet, I guess" was his reply.

"So, how the hell do I remember so these damn dreams stop?"

"I’m not sure. Luna tried a meld to free Usagi’s and the other Senshi’s memories when those Cardians started to show up. We thought it was a complete recovery, but maybe more than one shot is needed. I can try again if you wish, but it might not be that comfortable. I mean, you girls have been reincarnating for a thousand years. It could unleash a flood of memories that will overwhelm you."

"Do it. Anything’s better than these nightmares."

"Ok. Relax and….. REMEMBER!"


Artemis was right. The flood gates had opened. Or rather, exploded. She saw it all, her last thousand years in one shot slamming against her like a run away sumo. Her death on the ice, sacrificing herself so that the others could continue onward. Her childhood in this life. A young woman dying painfully as her Nagasaki home was blown from the face of the Earth. An aging actress caught in a crossfire as a Chicago speak-easy. A tiny waif like girl, dying in childbirth in the American Old-West. Of braving the hell of war to heal brothers warring with each other. Back the memories went. Hundreds of years. Of leading a nation to war because of a vision. Back. Dozens of lives both ordinary and exciting. Until…..


"Venus. The Crown Prince of Earth will be arriving tomorrow with his Guard. Is everything in order for their arrival?"

"Yes my Queen. I have recalled Mercury from her studies so that there will be 1 of our people for each Earther with the Prince. Though I don’t believe the Prince to be a threat, I have heard some rumors of discontent amongst his court over his courtship of Princess Serenity. In case of any trouble, we will be ready."

"Thank you Venus. I knew I could count on you. How is that leg healing? That was a nasty fall you took at the Games."

"It mends. That which does not kill us, and all that. Next year for sure. Uranus’s speed caught me by surprise. Next year I’ll be ready for it. I wasn’t prepared for her, ‘attention to detail’ in attacking."

"I have spoken to her for her aggressiveness. She will be leading my guard on a patrol of the outer planets next week to reflect on her actions. There is no honor in striking a disabled opponent, especially in the Games."

"True. If I may go to finish preparations?"

"Of course."


"Announcing the Crown Prince of Earth, His Royal Highness Prince Endymnion."

"His Highness is accompanied by his personal guard, Lord Kunzite of Aria, Lord Nephrite of Atlantis, Lord Jadeite of Mu and Lord Zoisite of Thermopylae."

"It is good to see you again Endymnion. We are most glad that you were able to put down that band of discontents on Mu. I was much distressed to hear of the temple being destroyed. Have you been able to locate the Priestesses?"

"No your Highness. Beryl and her sub-priestesses have vanished. I have one of my best legions searching for them, but there wasn’t much to go on. We don’t have high hopes for finding them alive. The few witness’s to survive the eruption mumbled something that doesn’t make much sense. They said a demon rose from the ground and smashed the building, then scooped the priesthood up in its hands and vanished."

"Most disturbing. We will help you with your search, but I am afraid we are stretched thin right now. We will send as much aid as we can."

"Thank you my Queen"

"We will retire to the conference room to discuss your upcoming wedding to my daughter. Your guards may wait in the garden while we talk, or if they prefer, we do have an elaborate training area in the west wing. I am sure that they will find Senshi training, stimulating."

"A most, excellent suggestion my Queen. I believe Lady Venus and Lord Kunzite will find the exchange of techniques educational."

"You may change here. When you are ready, exit out the green door. We have a combat drill running, and it was suggested that we compete together and see how well we work as a unit. There are 8 of us, and 100 drones to defeat. "

"We may be a little out of your league, as we do not have the powers you do."

"This drill is running under mortal rules. Swords and defensive spells only."

"Ahh. Good. My defense is good, but my offensive training…well, it’s offensive." I smiled, and she smiled back replying "I think this is going to work out fine."

Zoisite looked nervously at Mercury. I could tell he was smitten, boyish crushes. Ahh, to be 15 again. I was going to have to nudge him when the opportunity presented itself. Nephrite and Jupiter had paired off right away, and were comparing parry-thrust techniques. Jadeite though, and Mars I noticed were taking turns looking at each other and then when their eyes would meet, pretend to look away. Definitely nudge time I thought.

Together, we eight headed into the smoke.

"Venus, How did the ‘Training’ go?" asked the Queen.

"They Fight well, though with a nasty habit of putting themselves between the enemy and us."

"Yes, they seem to have a ‘Protectiveness" of females. Endymnion also shows this trait. It is one of the reasons why I have encouraged his relationship with my daughter. They will do well together I think."

"So do I. They do seem truly to be in love"

"And what is your evaluation of their ‘Threat’ to us?"

"I do not believe these 4 would willingly move against us, however, I fear the rest of their people do not hold us in as high esteem. I have heard rumors of a growing unrest, and this ‘Demon’ story makes me wary. I would not wish to face an army as skilled as them, that is for certain."

"You feel as if our safety would be at risk?"

"Yes. If they can counter our powers, and force the battle to be on a strictly physical level, we will be hard pressed to hold them, much less repel them. We do not have as large an army as they may field, and with your Guard gone for the duration, an attack launched against us before they return would be heavily stacked against us."

"I see. It will take some time to recall my Guard. Do what you can to strengthen our defenses in the mean time. They do not know of all our powers, and I do not see how they can move fast enough that help can not arrive in time. I do not see them as great a risk at this time."

"Yes my Queen"

"We will speak again on this shortly."

"Thank you my Queen."

"The Queen has announced that a ball will be held tonight to formally announce the Princess’s wedding to Prince Endymnion. Mars, the Princess has requested you and Lord Jadeite escort them to the ball as honor guard. It will give you an opportunity to get to know each other. "

"Thank you. It will give me a chance to see if what Lord Zoisite told me was true…"

"What is that?"

"That he’s an expert in the arts of love." Mars replied, smiling.

"Well, he is cute…..Just stay out of the training room. Lord Kunzite and I will be in there tonight going over strategy."

"Just be sure to clean up the place. Last time you too were in there it took us hours to clean up."

"Just what are you suggesting Mars?" asked Venus.

"Nothing…." Replied Mars.

"Just that we thought you were …" continued Mercury.

"Supposed to ‘Wear’ clothing while training." Finished Jupiter.

"Why you three.." Sputtered Venus.

"Got You!" the other three Senshi shouted in unison.

"We’re glad you’ve found someone special. We were just pulling your fuku." Mercury replied smiling.

"Oh he’s just so nice to me. Never found anyone like this before. We’ve been talking about marriage. You know, in a year or two."

"Well, good luck. I gotta run and get ready or the ball." Mars says, heading for the door.

"I’ve got to run too. Lord Zoisite and I are planning on comparing notes after the ball. He’s got a huge amount of research on Earth’s plants. I think I can use some of them for medicines."

"Ok, you two head off and get ready. Ah, Mercury. Someday you’ll make an excellent Healer. I believe Lord Nephrite’s waiting in the east garden or you Jupiter. And don’t worry, we’ll clean up the place. " Venus sent her friends off with a smile.

Venus snuggled closer to Kunzite, her skin wet with sweat from both their sparing, and their love-making. Kunzite’s Platinum hair, mixing freely with her Golden, melding into one tangled mass.

"I Love You" she whispered.

"And I Love You. " he replied.

"They were commenting on how we left the room last time."

"Oh? Well we certainly did a number on it tonight. Guess we should start cleaning up, huh?"

"In a minute. I just want to enjoy the feel of your essence so close to me for a while longer."

In a few minutes, they were fast asleep. Not knowing that in a short while, their dreams would turn dark…

A pounding on the door awakened them.

"What is it?" Venus called to the still closed door.

"Lady Venus….The Queen Summons you to join her Immediately."


"I do not know. But she said it was a matter of great concern. She is in the main conference room. I must go now and locate Lord Kunzite."

"He is with me. Inform the Queen we will be there."

"Thank you" and the messenger leaves.

"And so it Begins" Kunzite mumbles as he reaches for his tunic.

"What does?" she asked.

"The War. It is the only thing I can think of….but let us go, perhaps I am just paranoid."

They leave at a run.

They are the first to arrive.

Swiftly, the details pour in.

Beryl had managed to survive her capture by the ‘demon’ and raised an army. This force seemed to be unstoppable, having taken out the garrison at Sarnia to the man, and now the eastern kingdom of Atlantis. Nephrite took the news well, not even blinking. Both Jadeite and Zoisite looked stricken, and Kunzite….he looked ready to explode.

Swiftly it was decided that Zoisite would take his legion and fight a delaying action to allow the others to organize the defense of Mu, the last remaining stronghold. The Queen was amazed at the speed at which the attacks were taking place. She ordered the Rainbow Bridge dissolved until the crisis was over and ordered her guard to make all speed home. It was feared that they would be too late.

The farewells were made, tears flowed free and fantasies were spun of us meeting again. We all knew in our hearts that the odds were against it. If only we knew how terrible it was to be, perhaps we would have held on a little harder…..

"The Humans are Attacking……The Humans are ..AAHHH!!"

Explosions started going off all around the palace. Swiftly, we surrounded the Queen. I sent Mercury to find the Princess. She never came back. I sent Mars and Jupiter after her. When it seemed like they had been gone too long, I looked at my Queen.

"Go, find them. This can not be good. My guard will not get here in time and Serenity is the future. She must be guarded at all costs. Go! I will remain here and prepare."

So I went in search of the Princess….and found my beloved. His tunic was ripped, and he had a look of a man possessed.


"Venus….You should not be here."


"This is unfortunate. I am sorry. " He looked torn as he drew his sword.

"Kunzite, what is going on? The palace is under attack and the Princess is missing. I thought you were lost when Mu fell. What is wrong?"

"I am sorry it was you that I ran into. But I must find the Princess."

"I don’t understand, I am looking for her too. The Queen wants me to get her to safety."

"That is the problem my love. I can’t allow you to do that. Beryl wants her."

"Beryl? What happened to you? Why are you doing this? I thought we were allies, I thought we were…."

"friends? Ha! I have no friends. Only competition. Now defend yourself!" He attacked, swinging his Katana overhead.

Deftly, she blocks. Trying to understand she limits herself to a defensive action.

"What happened to you? I thought you loved me. What did they do to you?" she asked, parrying his thrust and forcing him back to buy herself time to find the truth.

"They ‘opened’ my ‘mind’. Beryl introduced us to a power greater than ourselves. We would be fools to resist the power of Metallia."

"Metallia? Great Goddess! I thought that a myth…"

"Is it a myth that even as we speak is laying waste to the palace? I think not. The part of me that cares has been eliminated. Now I serve Beryl. "

And just then he breaches my guard and I felt my stomach split. I drop my sword and fall to my knees, both arms now too busy holding my insides in to fight.

"Please, don’t leave me like this."

"It will take you hours to die. Before that, we will have finished our conquest. Ahh, look. Beryl has found the Princess and the Prince is with her. The fools have no idea what they are dealing with."

"Kunzite, it’s not too late…."

"Too late for what? Us? You’re dying my Love. Your Kingdom? Its about to die now too. I’m sorry, but I must go now. " and Kunzite turned to leave.

"Please…..not like this. End it for me. If there is any shred of the man I loved left in you….if there is any shred of feeling still in you, don’t let me die like this."

"Why?" was his reply.

"Honor, Love, Duty to another Warrior. Please?" she sobbed, the pain intense.

He hesitated, seemingly torn.

"Finish it!" She demanded.

"So be it." Was his reply as he brought the sword down on her neck.

‘Is that a tear?’ is her last thought in this life as his blade neatly detaches her head from her body.

She awoke…I’m alive!!!

"Mina??" Artemis nudged her. "Are you OK"? he asked, obviously worried.

"I’m, umm, ok. Why am I on the floor?" she asked.

"You screamed right after the meld. Collapsed onto the floor and have been crying for the last 5 minutes. What did you see?"

"Everything. I saw everything. Oh my god, Artemis. He and I??? The war…. It’s…It’s….My god!"

"I know. I saw your headless body just before I was frozen. It wasn’t pretty. "

"But he, and I …. What happened next?"

"About 5 minutes after you fell, Beryl and Metallia killed the Princess and the Prince, and Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to lock them away. She had never used it at full power before and the strain….the strain killed her. Usagi doesn’t realize it but she is stronger than her mother."

"No wonder I’ve felt so empty in my heart….It’s been aching for a thousand years for a love betrayed…."

"How are you?"

"I’m, reeling. I mean, it all fits, and I finally know why there has been this space….Do you think he really loved me?"

The room grew lighter then, and a glowing figure appears.

"Yes…I Do."

"Kunzite!" Venus and Artemis shout at once.

"I have but a moment….The power to appear strains us greatly now….But I couldn’t leave without you knowing what happened so long ago…But I needed Artemis’ help to bring back your memories, so I sent you the dreams.. So hard…The locks in your mind were very strong…But I needed you to know the truth, finally after so long.. …Please believe me…I was not under my own control. Beryl had us tortured, and our spirits locked away. Metallia allowed Beryl to control us like puppets. Only Nephrite managed to break through and regain his control, and was killed for it. I always loved you. I am so sorry for what we did. I will always Love you…..Please, Forgive me…………" and he faded away.

"Kunzite!!!!!" Venus cried….tears streaming down her face.

"Kunzite.." she whispered. "I forgive you, my love."

And, burying her face in Artemis’ side, she cried a thousand years worth of tears or the love she had forgotten she had, and the pain of knowing what was truly lost.

The Generals Saga will be concluded Summer 1999. It won’t be kayfab, but hey, it’s my story.

[ Authors Notes ]

This is my fourth attempt at a fan-fic.  Most of my exposure to Sailor Moon has been the NA version, with the subbed R & S movies and orig. Ep.44-46. [plus reading tons of fan-fic, & having aprox 1 GB of grfx/sound/etc. files] Anyone willing to somehow provide other eps. Subtitled, please drop me e-mail at ( They would be greatly appreciated! Please send comments, suggestions, or your own fan-fics to those addresses to. No flames please.

I am sorry that I keep hitting delay after delay in completing this saga, however the 'real' world intrudes into my life more often than I would prefer.  I've relocated twice, helped friends move, gone thru exhaustive training, etc etc etc.  This series  will be finished as soon as possible, and I hope you all enjoy the final product.  Thank you for your patience.

  I can be reached at for comments, accolades and suggestions. - Bob  


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