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PLEASE NOTE : WebPage / Archivers Note : If you intend on posting this fan-fic on your site, a piece of e-mail indicating your desire to do so would be appreciated. Other legal stuff is located at the end of the story.   [ NOTE : This is set at some undetermined time period after Nephrite’s "death" ]

  Nephrite and Jupiter

Sailor Moon - The Generals Saga : Nephrite’s Story 

Revision 1.1b  

by Bob Hubbard (


He drifted, a formless, shapeless mass of energy. Struggling with all of his might to keep his conscious mind intact, he remembered…..

"The Stars Know Everything" He intoned.

"Well, do they tell you when our wedding is to be?" his companion asked?

"No my dearest, while they Know-All, they seldom Tell-All" He replied. A messenger approached.

"Lord Nephrite, Lady Jupiter, The Queen asks that you hurry to the council chambers at once"

The lovers' exchanged worried looks, and go at a run.

He remembers now, how at one time he was human, and a prince on Earth. How he once before knew true love, and those fateful last days of the Moon Kingdom. He remembers…..

They arrived at the council’s chambers, Lord Zoisite waiting for them at the door.

"Thank the Gods you’ve arrived so quickly my friends, for all Hades has broken loose on Earth" Zoisite informed them.

"Does the Prince know?" asked Nephrite.

"He does. He was the one who received the news from his father of the fall of Atlantis to Beryl’s forces. We had better go inside now, they’re waiting."

A council of war is held. Many things are discussed, but the memories are vague and fleeting.

"So with Atlantis gone, only Mu remains to hold back the Dark Forces at Beryl’s command?" He inquired

"Yes, we’ve lost most of our army to her control, yet Endymnion believes we can still delay them long enough for the Moon Kingdoms’ military to mobilize. I’m heading back tonight to organize the capitals’ defenses. You, Jadeite, and Kunzite are to follow tomorrow night with your respective forces. We believe we still have a chance, however we still don’t know what we’re up against. Reports from our agents in the conquered areas are almost non-existent. There seems to be some kind of shielding in place that our priests can not penetrate. The only report a feeling of overwhelming Evil."

"Well, good luck to you old friend. I hope to see you again tomorrow."

The memories continue now, of his last moments with Jupiter…

"My beloved, This is to be our last night together for a while. I have only a few moments before I must leave, and I may not return for a long while. Here, take these to remember me by until we can be together again."

[ I handed my love a pair of enchanted earrings, specially made by a mage from Atlantis. I watched as she took them, tears forming in her eyes as she put the on]

"Oh Nephrite, promise me you’ll return to me soon"

" I promise. I’ll be back as soon as possible my love"

[Oh how I wish I could take back those words. If I could only have known then exactly how that return would take place I would have taken my life then and there]


"My Lord, Beryl’s forces are storming the Citadel, are forces are routed, what are we to do?" cried the centurion.

"Fight them to the Last. We must give the Prince time to organize the Moon’s defenses" I replied.

The door explodes inward and I look up into the eyes of my old friend Zoisite.

"My friend, what are you doing here? The said you were killed at the harbor?" I asked, only then noticing the blank, yet disturbed look in my old friends eyes, his boyish features now taking on an malevolent and arrogant edge .

"Nephrite, my ‘old’ friend. The Queen will be pleased to know you still live."

" The Queen? Who? Where’s the King" I asked, fearing the worst.

"The King is dead. Queen Beryl rules this world now, and soon she will take over the Moon Kingdom. Take him away!"

Beryl….Beryl…How the power had warped her once stunning beauty.
Why she did it I don’t know, maybe it was jealousy over the Princes’ coming wedding to Princess Serenity, maybe she truly wanted to rule. I never thought anyone could be so Evil, but then, who could resist Metallia’s power?

"So, it’s the ‘great’ Nephrite is it? Say hello to your fellow ‘Lords’" Beryl taunted.

I looked around and saw them all, Zoisite, Jadeite and Kunzite, all looking like evil parodies of the men I knew so well.

"What has she done to you?" I asked my former comrades.

Jadeite, my boyhood friend, replied "She has opened our eyes up to how the Prince has been using us. Now we rule the Earth, and soon the Moon will be ours. "

Zoisite added "She will open your eyes too. He’s ready my Queen"

"What are you going to do to me? " I asked her.

"Why, nothing, except show you why I’ve been so successful as of late."

A dark shadow detached itself from the wall behind Beryl, seeming endless in its darkness. A tendril reached out towards me, I tried to avoid it, but I was held too tightly. I touched my brow, and my mind exploded.

I can see everything so clearly now, but it’s like watching another person. Oh Jupiter, I’m so sorry….

The kingdom was in ruins. I watched as Metallia laid the capital of the moon to waste, her armies powerless to stop our offense. I watched as it sent bolt after bolt of energy slamming into the ground. All around me, people were dying, yet I was unmoved. I watched as the Elite Guard, the Senshi arrived to form a last ditch defensive line against our forces. One who I wish now I had never seen there noticed me and approached.

" Oh Nephrite, Thank the Gods your here. Everything is in ruins, we have to protect the Princess, but I fear we’re too late. I … Nephrite, are you all right??? Jupiter asked.

"I’m sorry we have to meet under these circumstances my dear, but you really don’t expect to win against us do you? " I asked

"Win against you? What are you saying? Are you part of this attack? How could you?"

"I Just joined the winning side" I replied coldly. "Now either join us, or die, what is your choice?"

I watched as the tears formed in her eyes, and then resolved themselves the way I knew in my Heart, my locked off heart, she would. She started her attack power up, and before she got half way thru it, I cut her down. I can still see the look of utter hurt and betrayal in her eyes as she died.

"Why, my love, why?" she whispered, her last words in that life. I watched as the light went out of her, screaming in my locked off heart, but emotionless otherwise.

I started towards the Palace, passing the bodies of the other Senshi. I noticed in a small clearing a short, black haired page kneeling over the body of one of the Ladies in waiting, crying softly, though she obviously could not hear him anymore. I saw the bodies of the Princess and my Prince lying motionless in the dust, hands still locked together, forever. And I laughed. I laughed with the others, us four, his most trusted guards and closest friends, once sworn to protect him, now his murderers. And suddenly, SHE was there. Queen Serenity, holding the Moon Wand. Everything else was pain, mind blinding pain.

We drifted for centuries, locked away in a pocket dimension while our scientists studied what had happened.

That final battle had drained Metallia almost to the point of destruction. But it wasn’t enough. She drained thousands of our warriors to revive herself enough to bring us out of our seclusion. Our dimension aligned with the normal universe and we began planning.

Jadeite went first, and failed miserably. Queen Beryl locked him away forever in a sleep crystal after his life threatening wounding at the hands of the Senshi.
Then it was my turn. I swore I’d avenge my boyhood friend, my mind twisted with Metallia’s Evil. At first, I simply kept making plans and fighting with our enemy, the revived Senshi.

Their leader, Sailor Moon seemed somehow familiar, but I never could place the resemblance.
Zoisite seemed to thrive on my failure to defeat them. However, during these missions, I kept running into the same girl. I don’t know when it happened. Somehow, maybe because Metallia’s influence was weaker, or maybe because I spent so much time on Earth, away from the rest of the Dark Kingdom, she began to have an effect on me. I still don’t know how she could see the good in me as I lied and used her at every turn. But she saved me from Sailor-Moon’s attack.

Saved me. And so I began to question my actions, and myself. But still, I did my duty to Beryl. Until that fateful day when Zoisite had Naru kidnapped, and I knew what I had to do. I had discovered Sailor Moons true identity and was in the process of finishing her off. But something made me stop and go to Naru’s rescue. I don’t know what it was, but something snapped, or rather released it’s hold on me.

So I saved her. We were sitting under a tree in a park and she was tending to my wounds. It was so beautiful. I felt as if my soul was at peace again. And then Zoisite arrived, with backup. Something hit me, it was a large thorn, impaled in my shoulder, draining my life force away. Sailor-Moon arrived then, with the Senshi and chased Zoisite away, but it was too late. I felt myself dissolving under the thorns power. Naru cried.

Oh my friend, I’m so sorry, but don’t be sad. I’ll always with you. Endymnion, Jupiter, Naru, I’m sorry for the pain I caused. I never meant to hurt any of you. Forgive me my friends. Please hold me in your hearts, and maybe someday we will once again be reunited. Only the stars know for sure.

I remember now.

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  Copyright / Legal Stuff :

Copyright(C)1997,1999 Bob Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  Sailor Moon and it’s associated terms/characters/locations/etc. are Trademarks of Naoko Takeuchi and are used without permission yet without malice. This story is a derivative work, and in no way, shape or form is intended to be an infringement of those rights. Permission is granted to individuals to distribute this document UNCHANGED. Posting of this on Web-Pages, Public Archives or BBS’s is granted as long as the person publishing this on a web-site or achiving this in an Archive posts/archives it UNCHANGED. At no time whatsoever, is this document to be published on a CD-Rom, Collections type disk, or in Paper form.   This is My first attempt at a fan-fic. Most of my exposure to Sailor Moon has been the NA version, with the subbed R & S movies and orig. Ep.44-46. [plus reading tons of fan-fic, & having aprox 1 GB of grfx/sound/etc files]  

I can be reached at for comments, accolades and suggestions. - Bob

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