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  [ NOTE : This is set at some undetermined time period after the defeat of Queen Beryl.]

Zoisite and Mercury

Sailor Moon - The Generals Saga : Zoisite's Story  

  Version 1.0 by Bob Hubbard (



She awoke. Something seemed different, somehow.

Scanning her bedroom with her trained eyes she noticed nothing amiss. Wait, on her night stand, a blue rose??? Where did that come from? She didn't remember it being there the night before when she went to sleep. She examined it closely noticing it's perfect shape. It seemed to call to her, beckoning her. Why did it seem so familiar, she wondered? She hesitated on picking it up, wondering if it was harmful.

"It won't hurt you"

"Wha.?? Who's there?" she called, quickly scanning her room. She saw nothing. Where did that voice come from, and why did it also seem so familiar?

"Please....I haven't much time..." That voice again, so familiar.

"Who are you? Where are you?" She called out.

"Please...." Almost pleading this time, a sense of urgency quite clear this time.

"Ok, but this is against my better judgment"

She picked up the blue rose. As she did she noticed it was made entirely out of extremely fine crystals. She felt it hum.

"Ok, I have it, not wha..!!!!" Her mind exploded with sensations and memories, the sorrow permeating them threatening to drown her.


"My Prince, I have something I would like to show you. I believe it will be of great use to you"

"I have a few minutes to spare. What new creation have you got today, Lieutenant?" The Prince asked.

"This. It has the aerodynamics of a dart, the durability of a diamond, and the stopping power of a fire-brand."

"It looks like an ordinary rose to me." The Prince replied.

"Ahh, but looks can be deceiving, My Lord. Watch." I replied.

I made a quick movement with my wrist and summoned another rose from the matrix, and with a quick flick of my wrist sent it flying at a column of marble. It struck the column and shattered it.

"Impressive. But from where did you pull the rose you threw?" The Prince inquired.

"I've been studying the notes of the Moon Kingdom's weapons masters, and have constructed an 'Pocket' from which you can fetch these as needed. The supply is limited, but does regenerate over time. This 'pocket' can hold upwards of a dozen roses for you to avail yourself to as needed."

"What happens if they are all used?"

"They will regenerate in the pocket within 12 hours. The supply is limitless, as they are generated out of crysto-plasm."

"What is crysto-plasm?"

"A crystalline plasma derived from the emotions of Love & Hate. It's not quite in this dimension, yet can exist here briefly. If your heart is filled with love, they will be a deep Red, while if your heart were to fill with hate, they become a Black as dark as the Void. Only you can wield this new weapon, as it is attuned to your spirit. With the brief exception of the 2 roses you saw just now, I can no longer access this 'Pocket' as it has already become attuned to you Sire. To access it, simply think and visualize that you are pulling a rose from a pocket."

"You mean like this?" He concentrated, and with a flick of his wrist produced a rose.

"Excellent Sire. With a little practice it will become second nature to you. The rose is attuned to neutralize it's opposite, and will do some harm to everything else."

"Good work Lieutenant. I am most pleased with this gift. I am going to speak to your commanding officer, and have you transferred to my personal guard. I am most impressed with your work. You should hear back from me within the week."

I had impressed the Prince and he wants me on to be a part of his personal guard. That means General Kunzite will be my new commander. I hope I can impress him too.


My advancement with the Princes' guards went swiftly. I became close friends with him in the 2 years since my appointment. When it was decided to form an 'Elite' Guard to accompany him to visit the Moon Kingdom, I along with my comrades Jadeite, Nephrite and my friend and mentor Kunzite were chosen. It was a week of head spinning excitement. I had heard much of the beauty and enlightenment of the Moon Kingdom, but never in my 17 years had I imagined such. They had balls and dances and parties seemingly daily. It was such a change from the hectic courts home on Earth.

The Prince had fallen in love with the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, and was seeking her hand in marriage. Both his father and the Moon Queen liked the idea of uniting the two kingdoms and thusly encouraged their heirs romance. The leaders advisors however did not. They attempted to discourage their respective rulers from this, and that failing, the darkness began to appear.

During the many meetings, and outings the Princes guard began to socialize with the Princess's Elite Warriors. Nephrite found his spirit to resonate with the Lady Jupiter, while Jadeite finally worked up the courage to approach the Lady Mars. Kunzite would disappear for hours on end with the Lady Venus, leader of the Princess's guard to 'Discuss Tactics'. We all noticed the lipstick on his collar though. He'd never seemed happier in the two years I'd known him. And me? I started out exchanging science notes with the scholar of the Senshi. The Lady Mercury. Beautiful and Intelligent, Dedicated to science and healing.

We began by exchanging note on the flora and fauna of the two Kingdoms. I noticed she would blush sometime when discussing the more 'intimate' acts of the creatures. She was so pretty. My heart would pound whenever we were together. It was almost time to leave, I had to ask her soon…..

"Lady Mercury"

"Lord Zoisite"

"There is a dance this evening, umm, would you care to join me?" I stammered.

"I would be honored" she replied.


We danced until we could barely stand. I watched as Nephrite & Jupiter slipped away, and Jadeite and Mars finally find their interests returned. Kunzite was of course 'Studying Tactics'.

After the dance, we retired to the palace garden. She was so beautiful in the star light.

I gave her a gift, a blue crystalline earring set to wear. We were to escort the Prince back to Earth in the Morning. I promised to return soon. I had expected to be away for a month. We returned sooner.

The grumbling of certain malcontents was beginning to be heard. Rumors of our downfall if the marriage was to proceed.

The leader of this seemed to originate amongst the priestess' of the temple. Some proclamations were made, and the grumbling seemed to stop. Little did we know it had simply gone underground. Woe to us for our mistake.

It was to cost us all dearly.

The prince was sent by his father to negotiate support with the Queen. While the talks went on, closed to even the Queens closest advisors, I walked with my love in the gardens. We had sworn our love to each other as soon as decorum had allowed upon our return to the Moon.

As we sat by the reflective pool, a palace runner approached us at great haste. Summoning us to the Palace at once.

When we got there, the news was terrifying.

A mysterious force had descended on the kingdom of Sarnia. We had had no other contact except a brief static filled message that must have been garbled. "….force….meta…darkne.."

Atlantis had fallen as well. The 9 walls were no match for the enemy. Our navy decimated. Our forces had fallen back to defensive positions around the capital. I was to take my command and take up advanced positions in front of the capital. Our orders were to fight a delaying action, slowing the enemy while our army readied for the final battle.

Taking my love aside, I swore I would return for her soon. As a token of my love, I used my skills to fashion a small, blue crystaline rose and gave it to her. She promised to hold it close to her heart until I returned. Young love. How na´ve we were.
… … …

"Its too quiet out there sir."

"Keep you wits about you lad. The enemy's there. We lost Gamma patrol this morning."

"Sir, Movement, Quadrant Alpha. It's Gamma patrol. I thought they'd bought it, Sir?"

"Something's not right, hold, what the?….AAHHH!"


"Where am I?"

"You're safe." A female voice replied. It seemed, familiar.

"Beryl! Where am I? My unit?, Whats happening?"

"You're safe. You are about to become the first 'general' for my New Order."

"What? Never! I'll never betray the Prince!"

"Oh, I think you will" A piece of the darkness began to approach me.

"You in Mu have long wondered how Atlantis could fall? Simple. They opened the gates for us, willingly."

"They would never do that. They were the most loyal of all the kingdoms."

"Ahh, but they did. Their captain of the guard had, "seen the light" you might say. Metallia! Show our 'Guest' His Light!"

The darkness touched my brow. I screamed! It was pure brimstone! My mind reeled. I found my 'conscious' being locked away, ripped from my beings. Where I felt Love I now felt Hate. Where I had been bitter, the flames were fanned to untold heights. My memories warped, twisted. Childhood friends now became bitter rivals. My respect for my mentor, now became lust. My quiet self confidence now became meglomaniac insecurity. My feelings for my love, became hate.
… … …

"Lord Zoisite, your patrol?"

"Wiped out, to the man. Open the gate I must report to the King"

"As you command" The gate opened. I stabbed the man in the back and the attack began. I led the attack against the flanks. We captured both Nephrite & Jadite. I was there when they were 'converted' to our cause. Kunzite was brought in, badly injured. Seemed he had actually studied some extra tactic. The reports varied, but he seemed to have dispatched 10 of our finest warriors before succumbing to our superior numbers. I carefully tended his wounds. Part of my mind screamed against what I was feeling. But that part was locked away.

We returned to the Moon 2 days later. They had heard of Earth's fall, but not expected our attack to come so swiftly. Queen Beryl advised us that Serenitys' most powerful warriors were 'detained' so we would only have to deal with militia and the princess's private guard. Militia was no problem for us. The battles were swift, and quick. We lost nary a man. I watched as Nephrite took out Jupiter, and Jadeite took out Mars. The sight of him kicking his love sickened my locked off spirit. My corrupted self however laughed.

I came across Mercury's body, broken next to the reflective pool we had spent so much time together at. She had been attacked from behind, and tortured before dying. As I turned, I noticed her right hand was clutching the shattered remains of the rose I had created for her. With her last bit of life, she had reached out to me. I screamed on the inside, but on the outside I simply regretted not being the one to finish her off.

I watched as Kunzite toyed with Venus. Saw Metallia kill both the Prince and Princess. And then it was quiet. The only sound was a gentle sobbing from the Palace. Somewhere, in the ruins was the Moon Queen, crying for her dead daughter, and destroyed kingdom. As we gathered for the final charge, the Queen unleashed the full fury of her power. My head felt like it was going to explode and we were swept away like sand in a hurricane wind.

It was an eternity before we were free again. I watch Jadeite fail in his attempt to repower Metallia, sabotaged Nephrites attempts to find the Silver Crystal. Eventually, I saw him falter in his 'enlightenment' and schemed to destroy him. He fell at the hands of my evil forces. But as he fell, I saw the true light return to his features. He returned to his true self. All because some mere mortal loved him? He gave up all his power? I couldn't fathom it, and turned more to my 'love' Kunzite. Only he could sooth my fears.

Never in my wildest dreams did I realize Beryl wanted Endymnion. The whole reason for the wars was her unreturned love of the Prince. I didn’t know when I struck him down. She 'punished' me. Took my life. As my life force ebbed away, I spoke my last to my only friend, my mentor, my love. My final words, still seeped in the darkness, a testament to what I had become. The embodiment of vanity. "Please, let me die Pretty"

As my spirit released, I found myself again. My true self. Tempered with all that I had done, the guilt was great. I was only a boy when I fell. I was only a boy when I died. But in death, I became a Man.

Mercury, Dear, Sweet, Mercury. Know that I always loved you. In my darkened mind I always held a spark for you. I couldn't show it. I never meant to do anything to hurt you. None of us meant to hurt any of you. We were not under our own control. Nephrite was the one who was able to beat the spell, as he again felt Love. None of the rest of us had someone showering us with Love. It is strong, but we were weak.

Please, Forgive Me. I must go now. Keep this Rose and remember me. The good me, that loved you so long ago. Farewell…

Mercury sat, alone, stunned. Memories of the Moon Kingdom flooded back into her. She remembered, another life. Promises made and promises broke. Of a young man, long blond hair framing his boyish face, and the tenderness of his touch.

And she cried.


  Copyright / Legal Stuff :

Copyright (C) 1997,1999 Bob Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  Sailor Moon and it's associated terms/characters/locations/etc. are Trademarks of Naoko Takeuchi and are used without permission yet without malice. This story is a derivative work, and in no way, shape or form is intended to be an infringement of those rights. Permission is granted to individuals to distribute this document UNCHANGED. Posting of this on Web-Pages, Public Archives or BBS's is granted as long as the person publishing this on a web-site or achiving this in an Archive posts/archives it UNCHANGED. At no time whatsoever, is this document to be published on a CD-Rom, Collections type disk, or in Paper form. This is My third attempt at a fan-fic. Most of my exposure to Sailor Moon has been the NA version, with the subbed R & S movies and orig. Ep.44-46. [plus reading tons of fan-fic, & having aprox 1 GB of grfx/sound/etc files]  

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