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From: Kaith Rustaz
Subject: Re: Horrified New Person
Original Format
Newsgroups: alt.pagan
Date: 1998/02/26

On Wed, 25 Feb 1998 01:13:04 -0400, (Angelique Du Pres) wrote:

>I absolutely have no words whatsoever to describe the absolute horror and
>overwhelming sadness that i am experiencing after reading some of the
>posts in here. I do not mean any word of this to be a flame in the
>least. but i am almost in tears. I have never been in this newsgroup,
>but i was interested tonight to see what it was about and what ideas and
>conversations were floating about. i came to seek like minds and new ways
>of thinking. to see some of the ghastly things that have been said in
>this heart goes out to those of you that feel as i do. I know
>from personal experience how hard it is for the Christian/ Pagan
>communities to get along a most of thetime. i am Pagan and have suffered
>ridicules myself. i have also seen Christians roughed up just as badly.
>I have been both Christian and Pagan during different ages in my life and
>am now an eclectic Wiccan. I try my best to use my experiences to
>understand both paths. [snipped for space reasons]
>Angelique Du Pres
>Wandering Minds Inc.

The Major problem is most people are terified of the unknown. For
years, they have been told what to do, how to do it, and what to think
while doing it. Anything outside of this 'Norm' is 'evil'. Stuff like :

"why cant you eat a "Normal" breakfast?"
"Why cant you goto bed / get up at a 'Normal' Hour?"
"Why do you believe "That"?

A catholic has to defend rosery beads. A Baptist has to defend
constant bathing. A Pagan has to defend playing with dolls and
dancing nekid in the woods. A Wiccan has to defend the use of candles
and funky sticks.

I say it this way NOT in critism, but to show that we ALL do something
"Strange". Some folks do something 1 way, others another, etc.

We are all different, and this bothers some people who are so fixiated
in being right, that they go to extremes to reinforce this 'right'
thinking, to the point of violence. Moslem factions kill each other.
Christian factions kill each other. Pagan factions kill each other.
Jewish factions kill each other. etc. etc. etc.

If these "people" would (could) open their minds to the words writen
by their 'profits/messiahs/gods/holy people/etc) they would find that
the message is THE SAME!!!!

Jesus basically said treat people nicely.
Mohamed (sp - please forgive) said basically the same.
Moses said it too.
I think the Taoist say something simmilar.
etc. etc.

None of there people ever said "Hey, he's different! Beat him until
he agrees with you!!!"

The major figures in these religons were people of peace, non
violence, tolerence, forgiveness and unity. Their folowers dont get
it though.

It's a pity.

People are People are People. We are all the same. some are in a
better place in time/space, but each one of us can reach our full
potential if we can all put these petty things behind us.

I belive THAT is the massage of all these Holy books.

Its a shame that people dont understand. or choose to ignore if they

I do not personally hate xians. some of my best friends are xians.
unfortunatly, so are some of my worse enemies. people who are more
concerned with 'revenge' and 'getting them before they get you' and
'its my right' etc. than trying to get along.

my 2 cents.


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