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The following are various writings of mine from over the past years. Some fictional, most not.
Many more are available in the forums.

Fanfiction Corner

The Generals Saga

A series of short stories dealing with the 4 Generals/Kings from Sailor Moon
by Bob Hubbard

NOTE : These stories are Copyright (C)1996, (C)1997, (C) 1998 and (C) 1999 Bob Hubbard

Prelude : It is 5 years after the defeat of Queen Beryl and several months since the Senshi defeated Galaxia. Jupiter and Mars have been sent back to the Dark Kingdom base to investigate a strange reading detected by Luna & Artemis. Unknown to the cats, the 4 Senshi have been having strange disturbing dreams for the last few days. Jupiter dreams of a man with long dark wavy hair. Mercury Receives a Visit from the past. Mars comes face to face with her past. Venus has nightmares of a battle and her death. What can it all mean? Read on, if you dare......



Part 1 : Jadeite

August 1996

Part 2 : Nephrite

August 1996

Part 3 : Zoisite

February 1998

Part 4 : Kunzite

February 1999

Part 5 : Conclusion

February 1999



Silent Bob Rants

USENET Musings
These are old posts of mine from USENET, way back when. They are preserved here for reference.

Horrified New Person
Re: About the CGW sex ads whiners
Software Pirates are cool 1995
Re: Software Etc. inflates game prices (i.e. MW2)? 1995
More comments on the piracy topic 1995
Another Piracy Opinion 1995
Re: holier-than-thou-I'd-never-pirate tight-wads 1996
Re: So how DO you publish a game? 1996


Poem writen 1992

Computer Articles:
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Martial Arts Writings:
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Health and Fitness
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BattleStar Galactica (Reimagined Series)
Episode Reviews
(Episode Review contain Spoilers)

A series of articles examining historical issues


An open letter to those protesting the war in Iraq: (March 2003)

The “Myths” of College Education, Basic Skills and you. (May 2006)

Misunderstanding your Rights - Freedom of Speech and the Online World (2006)



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