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Building a better modern martial art? The evolving state of the fight.
by Bob Hubbard

In ancient days armies met on battlefields, and warriors fought in one on one tests of skill, ability and luck. Today, modern warfare of often done from a distance, using computers, and one on one fights are uncommon, and a sign that someone screwed up. The battlefield arts of yesterday evolve into the street defense arts of today, seeking to protect you not against a charging calvary horde, but a mugger seeking easy money in a dark alley way. Modern defensive arts have evolved from their ancient fore bearers to offer a solution to that challenge.

But not all fights are on the street, or even in the "real world".

Today, we face more than just the old fashioned mugger or rapist. Today we face the ideas of "identity theft", and "Cyber Crime". Criminals today have entered the online world, and seek to harm you through the use of digital weapons. In a world where physical ability is meaningless, what can you do to protect yourself?

Physical world arts come in various ways, some simple, some complex. One factor that has always been component for truly excelling at the warrior arts was to profess brains, as well as brawn. Today, it is no different. Developing your mind and expanding your ability to think on your feet is as important today as it way a thousand years ago, perhaps more.

But more schools of defense don't teach the art of intellectual warfare. They leave that to the local education system, an institution that often finds itself underfunded and understaffed to give the completeness of training that we need today.

So, what can you do to enhance your defensive training and protect yourself more thoroughly?




Learn how to recognize threats to your personal privacy, and actions that put your identity at risk.
Be careful who you give out personal information to, especially tax id numbers (social security numbers in the US), and make sure your children know not to tell strangers their address or phone number, or even their last names.

Read articles that will keep you informed of what the laws are, and what the agencies that hold your information are doing with it, and what they can do with it by law.

Think for yourself, and don't let others do it for you. You need to research the rules and regulations and means to protect yourself in a world that is as much 'cyber' as 'real' today. Use pins and passwords that aren't obvious, and don't write them on sticky notes by the computer. Don't leave tax information, pay stubs, legal documents, leases, or bills lying around. Invest in a shredder, a good one, and use it to shred confidential documents before disposal. Take inventory of your wallet and note numbers, and contact information so that if it is lost or stolen you ca quickly stop the risk to your bank and credit cards.

Today, cyber crime is rising, and our governments are thinking more and more about cyber warfare.

As a complete martial artist, shouldn't you be prepared for it too?


Bob Hubbard is an administrator of the popular martial arts sites and He is president of SilverStar WebDesigns inc., a web site design and hosting company specializing in affordable solutions for martial artists as well as a professional photographer. More of Bob's articles can be found at Please contact Bob if you would like him to review your martial arts product.

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