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From: Centarius Software Co.
Subject: Re: About the CGW sex ads whiners
Date: 1995/08/07

In <403ncg$> Jojo <> writes:

>Exactly. And putting an ad in a magazine is not abusing anyone in any way.

So ok. Lets assume your right. CGW is the proper place to place an
XXX CDrom ad. And an ad is ok. Lets place the ad in Seseme Street
magazine. Or Boys Life. Or Highlights. Are the ads currently in CGW
ok to place in those other magazines?

I have a 4 yr. old son. I also enjoy adult oriented materials.
However, he does not have access to them thru me, and is not allowed to
access those areas of the net containing such. I as a parent do not
find this type of material appropriate for him. Maybe when he's in hid
mid-late teens, but definately not now. I don't want to have to
explain the questions like "why has that lady got a black box across
her chest?" or " Why is her face like that? Is she sick?" etc etc etc.

The fact is, I do not believe that CGW is the proper forum for such
ads, and they detract from an otherwise excellent publication.

I am not trying to censor CGW's right to earn a profit. My personal
subscription will continue to be renewed (with the issues offending ads
painted over). My company however will not place our family-oriented
ads next to the porn-ads in CGW (or any magazine). Several of our
designers have agreed with this, and my partners agree to.

I realize that the European nations have a much more open and healty
attitude towards sexuality, and that maybe Americans should lighten up
a bit, but that's not the issue.

The issue is "Does an ad for "Dirty Debutantes" belong in a magazine
that also reviews child-targeted software (sim town, carmen sandeago,

Place the adult ads in the adult magazines. They detract from the
image of CGW. I buy CGW for game info. I buy Penthouse for adult
info. I do not buy CGW for the xxx-cd-rom ads, and do not buy
penthouse for it's "Klik N Play" ad.

Enough Said.

(and to the person who suggested a non healty attitude towards sex, sex
is fine. Between properly informed, mature people. Not in the pages
of a gaming magazine.)

Bob Hubbard,
President, Centarius Software

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