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From: Bob Hubbard
Subject: More comments on the piracy topic
Date: 1995-03-26 01:27:29 PST

Ok, this thing is getting pretty rediculus (like my spelling;) )

Some definitions :

Pirate - one who DISTRIBUTES illegal copies

illegal - not from an authorized source

Cracker - one who cracks/breaks/removes copy protection

copy protection - code inside of a program meant to prevent the illegal
copying and distribution of software. Forms include:
Key disk - requires ORIGINAL disk to run software
dongle - requires a piece of hardware to run program
doc look up - find word X in docs
custom op sys - see Key disk

licencing agreement - legally non-binding form design to protect a
companies butt incase someone modifies a program & fries their hard drive

IMHO, as both a developer and publisher,

if you CRACK a protection scheme FOR YOUR OWN USE (ie to make a back up,
ease game play) you are ok.

IF you CRACK a protect scheme TO DISTRIBUTE (trade/sell/upload) YOU ARE A

IF you distribute software that you DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO (ie: you
have a writen, binding contract with the owner/are the owner) YOU ARE A
PIRATE (This does not apply if you are selling authorized copies)

IF you are a PIRATE, you are a CROOK/THIEF/CRIMINAL.

IF you PIRATE, you are breaking the law.

As has been stated, the "licencing agreement" states something like "this
program is owned by company X". This means that is "Company X" sends a
guy to your door and demands "program Y" now, you HAVE to give it to him
because EVEN though you spent $70+ on the game YOU DO NOT OWN IT! This
is BS. It is not legal unless you signed it. Look at Non-Disclosure
Agreements. I have been informed that unless BOTH parties sign it, it
doesnt count. this seems to be the common legal opinion.

As a programmer, I ask, if you have a copy of my software that you did
not obtain legally, please either delete it or pay for it. I don't make
that much from my royalties, and every penny counts. You know how tight
your cash flow is. Mine is just as bad. I do not drive a JAG, live in a
20,000 sqr.ft mansion and have 3 georgeous babes waiting on me hand and
foot. I drive a Mercury Topaz with over 100k miles on it, and am
splitting an appartment with one of my business partners. (ie: I aint rich)

As a distributor I ask, most of our programming teams are in similar
situations. We pay out 90% of what we take in to our programmers (as we
have a different company handeling
advertizing/publishing/shipping/duplication/etc we're able to do this).
(when we start handeling this section ourselves, this may change, but
because of details too complex to note, even though the % will be less,
everyone will make more.)

You the game playing public DEMAND high quality games. This means
good-great grafix, hours of game play, and preferable bug free. This
requires money. I can not make the addons/sequels/new games if my old
ones do not sell. Each pirated copy is income that I could have used to
invest in better tools/information to provide you with better games. You
are stealing (when you pirate) my money and intelectual property, but
even worse, you are stealing the games you may enjoy in the future. I
spend 80+ hours a week in front of this pc
programming/researching/debugging in addition to holding a (poor paying)
job. I do not care if I make 100k/year at this. 20k would be nice. I do
this because I enjoy it. When I find bootlegs of my work it hurts.
It says "your work isn't worth a dime". Why should I put myself thru
hell to create a work of love to distribute to those who asked for it, if
the majority are not going to reimberse me to show me it was worth it?
If you think working without reimbursement is ok, I would like you to
come work for me. The work week is 80 hours, and the pay rate is 0. I
don't see any takers. Please, remember what it takes to write that
program, and who you are hurting. Piracy hurt EVERYONE.

Just my opinion.

(For those who may ask, we do not currently have anything available. We
do have several projects in the works, and have desided to seek outside
submisions. E-mail for details please)

Thank you.

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