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A Statement to Those Who Wish to Harm

by Crystalize

To you who do not know me. You do not understand my beliefs; yet you proceed to attack me.violating your own code with your intolerance...

To you who set up campaigns to silence me, and yet protest when your rights are infringed upon...

To you who call me evil, but don't know what I am...because you have never cared to find out...


This is what I say to you. I am not evil, I am peaceful. I will not be silenced, for I believe what I speak. I wish no harm to come to you. I wish not to fight with you. I hold no malice against you because we believe differently. I wish it were the same with you.

I do not hate you, although you'd like to believe I do. I do not cast spells to harm you. You accuse me of foul injustice, but I am innocent. You accuse me of violence, which I do not perform. You've called me a killer. I wish only for the chance to live in peace with you and all others.

You've accused me of the foulest of deeds; you've tried to suppress me and destroy me. You've done your best to succeed, but yet, you fail. You fail because, despite all that you have done to me and my kind throughout history, Still we live. We will not be silenced.

We are Witches, Pagans, Wiccans and Shamans. We are united together to fight the intolerance you teach. If you learn anything from this...Learn that we will survive.

We have, and we always will.


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