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Anime North 2000 pics.

June 16-18, 2000
Ramada Hotel Toronto Airport East Conference & Convention Centre
1677 Wilson Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M3L 1A5

Here's some pics my Girlfriend Susan, and several cool folks we met up with at AnimeNorth 2000 held in Toronto.
.Click on any thumbnail to view picture in full size.  

Warning : These files are all between 15k and 90k, with screen resolutions up to 640x480. To those whose pics appear here, I'm sorry if the images aren't quite up to my normal standards. Between people sticking their heads in the way and screwing up the flash, and other assorted lighting issues, I lost about 35% of the pics I took.

If you have a site with Anime North pics and want to link up, shoot me your URL and I'll do the link swap with ya.- Bob

And if you are -IN- these pics, please shoot me an e-mail so we can at least swap links? Danke Mein Freunds. ^_^

Feel free to post these on your site, but I do ask ya let me know where you're posting em. Thanks!


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