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I'm Alone
Standing in a crowded room
I'm Alone
Standing in a raging pool
I'm Along
People talk to me, I hear not a word they say.
People write to me, I can't read a word they write.
I'm alone
Just a word
Undefined Meaning
Sometimes a Hug is enough
Sometimes I just need to hear it
But I never do cuz I'm alone
So damn alone, it hurts
No one there
To hold me when I'm down
No one there
To say smile when I frown
No one there
To touch me when I sigh
No one there
To hold me when I cry
I'm alone, there's no one there at all
The phone it rings, but friends they never call
Talk to Shadows, seems the only way
At least Shadows, they never do betray
I'm Alone

by : Bob Hubbard
(C) Copyright 1992, 1996

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