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Sailor Moon - The Generals Saga : Conclusion

  Version 1.0

by Bob Hubbard (

Copyright (C)1998, 1999 Bob Hubbard  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Authors note: This is done in a pseudo script format due to the large number of people speaking. Please note, I am not a script-writer, so it aint gonna be perfect.


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[SCENE] The Temple. Ami, Rei, Minako and Makoto are there looking very disturbed. Artemis and Luna are pacing, nervously.

[WHEN] about 5 years after the defeat of Beryl, 6 months after the defeat of Galaxia, and 1 month after the announcement of Usagi & Mamoru’s wedding. It is also the day after both Ami & Minako’s ‘experiences’, and the day Rei & Makoto returned from the old Dark Kingdom Base.

[LUNA] Where is she?

[ARTEMIS] Now Luna, we said meet here at noon, and it’s only 11:55. Remember, we asked her to bring Mamoru, and he lives on the far side of town.

[LUNA]  I know, but …

<Usagi Arrives, bringing a concerned looking Mamoru>

[USAGI] Hi Guys. Sorry it took so long. Traffic was terrible. So, What’s going on?

[LUNA]  There have been some very disturbing things happening. Since Artemis has the whole story, I’ll let him start.

[ARTEMIS] Ok, as you are all aware, it’s been 1 month since Usagi & Mamoru announced their wedding. During that month, Luna and I have been tracking a strange energy surge. We believe all of the strange things are happening because of this. We do not sense any hostile intent, however, both Ami and Mina have had very traumatizing experiences, and Raye and Makoto found something, shall we say unexpected at the old base. I believe it best for everyone to tell what happened to them themselves, this way I don’t garble the details.

<The girls tell the group what happened to them>

[USAGI] Great Goddess! Guys, are you ok?

[REI] I’m ok. Well, not really.

[AMI] It’s like you ripped a scab off an old wound. Hurts like hell, and the emptiness…….

[MINAKO] We never remembered things fully, just had this vague void…..

[MAKOTO] I tried to fill it…..but it was always just beyond my reach…

[MAMORU] I Think I understand…..I had a feeling something was going to happen. It was within the month when the wedding was announced that on the Moon Kingdom Beryl launched her attack and tore us all apart from our closest friends. 5 Years ago we were forced to fight again…and the old wounds returned, though we didn’t see them for what they were. When the battle with Beryl ended, I found she had trapped the spirits of my former guards in crystal. I have those crystals, and they are all very much ‘there’. Where is this energy source centered?

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[LUNA] It appears to be coming from the old Palace on the Moon. Artemis and I believe you 6 will need to investigate.

[ARTEMIS] Be careful.

<The girls and Mamoru transform and teleport to the courtyard of the old Moon Kingdom Palace.>


[SCENE] The courtyard of the Palace. It is a total ruin, debris is everywhere.

[MOON] Gonna be a heck of a repair bill when we have to rebuild this place.

[THE OTHER GIRLS] Credit Cards.

<They share a laugh at the old joke while TM looks concerned>

[MASK] My Memory is a bit hazy as to the layout.

[MOON] Last time we were here, we were visited by the Queen. I kinda thought it would happen again. Guess we are gonna have to start searching. Do we stay together or split up?

[MASK] Stay together. If my gut is right on this one, we are gonna have to all be together.

[MOON] Right. Ok everyone look around here and see if you can find a way in to the palace proper.

[VENUS] Over here. I ‘remember’ this being a garden where ‘we’ spent a lot of time with Endymnion’s guards. The hall to the throne room should be down this corridor.

[MOON] Right. Lets go everyone, and be careful.

<The 6 walk slowly down the hall, marveling at what they see.>

[JUPITER] It was beautiful…..So sad…all this damage.

[MOON] Someday, we will reclaim it. I don’t know how….but someday…

<They reach the Throne room. Or rather, what was the throne room. It was nothing more than a pile of ruble. Obviously, Metallia had targeted this room the hardest during the attack.>

[MOON] Oh No!….Now what do we do?

[MARS] It’s totally destroyed.

[VENUS] Wait…..I’m trying to remember…….There’s a secret chamber that connects to this room….Only the Royal Line could enter it….I we can find it…..

[MERCURY] Scanning……..There is a strange section of wall about 50 meters to our let. It is warping my scans….

<Jupiter starts to walk down the wall, running her hand along it>

[JUPITER] Say where….

[MERCURY] umm……There!

[JUPITER] Feels like normal wall to me.

[MARS] Wait, does it look less decayed than the rest?

[VENUS] Now that you mention it….It looks new…while the rest looks old.

[MOON] So, now what?

[VENUS] We can’t pass through there….Maybe you can though.

[MOON] Right. <Walks forward, bounces off wall> OW!

[VENUS} We’re missing something…….

[MARS] There never was a Sailor Moon before Usagi……It won’t recognize her as Sailor Moon…..Usagi, become the Princess. Maybe then…

[MOON] Right. Sorry guys. I shoulda known that.

<She sparkles, and suddenly is standing there is the Princess. She walks forward and bounces off again.>

[PRINCESS] OW! What am I doing wrong? That should have worked……

[MASK] I think I know. Queen Serenity was a full Goddess. You are half mortal in this form….you have to use your Goddess form.

[PRINCESS] I think you are right…. <She glows softly or a minute, and she is there in full Goddess form.>

[P.SERENITY] Wait for me my friends. I do not know how long I will be gone.

[ALL] Hai!

<Now the wall shimmers as she approaches, and an open doorway appears, white light glowing from within. She enters and the wall returns>


[SCENE] The Queens Sanctuary. It is void except or a large gold pentagram on the floor. At the center is a large crystal obelisk. Princess Serenity in full goddess form enters.

[SERENITY] I have come.

[VOICE] It has been a long time.

[SERENITY] Too Long.

<A Blinding Light emanates from the obelisk….the Queen has arrived>

[QUEEN] My Daughter. I have missed you so much.

[SERENITY] Mother. I have missed you too. I have endured much. But it is time.

[QUEEN] Are you certain my daughter? Once you start this path, you can not turn back.

[SERENITY] They are my friends. They have died for me many times over.

[QUEEN] And you for them. The scales are balanced my daughter. You do not have to travel this path yet. You still have time to enjoy your youth.

[SERENITY] My training is complete. My wedding, postponed from so long ago will be next month. It has taken so long, but it is time to unite the Kingdoms.

[QUEEN] My daughter….You have grown strong. Your heart is pure, and your desire noble. On your wedding day you and Endymnion will ascend to the Crystal Throne and you will lead into a new age. I am proud of you my Daughter. I know you seek the knowledge of how to help your friends, and see this as the way to help them. I will tell you what you must do, but the final choice must be theirs.

[SERENITY] I understand.

[QUEEN] Go now, and tell them. I will see you again at your wedding, and the world will once again know true peace.

[SERENITY] Thank you. <exits>

<We see the Queen still there…..fade to black as a tear rolls down her cheek>

[QUEEN] Oh Serenity…my sweet daughter, I do not envy you this task.


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[SCENE] Hallway. Serenity phases thru the opening, reverting to the Princess as she exits.

[PRINCESS] I know what we need to do….it will be hard….for all of us.

[MARS] What must we do?

[PRINCESS] Find the spots where you fell before during the battle here, and locate something belonging to yourself and your love. Then the difficult part begins.

[MERCURY] What do you mean?

[VENUS] Yeah, its not like you gotta kill us right?


[VENUS] Right?

[PRINCESS] In order to revive them, they must have bodies. It has to be the body of someone close to them for the spell to work as only someone close to them could care enough and love them enough to make the sacrifice.

[MARS] I see……Ok. I’m in.

[VENUS] Me too.

[MERCURY] What happens to us then? Do we die?

[PRINCESS] I don’t know. You may die. You may become one with them. You, you may reincarnate again. Or you may return to your goddess state. I just don’t know. I’m sorry.

[MERCURY] Ok. I’m in too.

[PRINCESS] Jupiter?

[JUPITER] I did so want to open a restaurant. <A tear runs down her face>

[MERCURY] And I wanted to be a doctor.

[MARS] We better think this out first. Please?

[PRINCESS] It is your choice. You are my best friends, I do not wish to lose you. Gather what you can, we need to return to Earth for the final parts, and then return here.

<fade out>

[SCENE] Temple. It is several weeks later. The girls have their families there and are telling them everything. It took a while, but having 2 talking cats and transforming in plain view tended to end most suggestions of too much sun. It is a sad meeting.

[GRANDPA] Raye, are you sure? I will agree with whatever you decide, but I worry. You are like my own daughter, and thought I may be gruff sometimes, I do care.

[REI] I know. My heart tells me this is the way. You trained me well to follow that heart, and it has saved so many lives in the past. I do not believe this is the end for us, but a new beginning. <They hug>

[GRANDPA] Be safe, and return to us.

[SHINGO] You mean all this time you were Sailor Moon? I must have been something in that kingdom?

[USAGI] I think you were the house boy. <she teases him>

[MAMA] Oh Usagi….Serenity…

[USAGI] Mama, I’ll always be your Usagi. <Tears flow freely in the Tsukino’s>

<Mamoru stands with Makoto. Like her, he has no family. Soon, he speaks>

[MAMORU] It is time.

[USAGI] We will return as soon as we can.

<fade out>

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[SCENE] The Temple on the Moon. At each point of the pentagram stands a Senshi. They are dressed in not their fuku’s, but gowns similar to the princess’s but a pale shade o their colors. Beside each of them is a stone, and something particular to each Lord. Endymnion is dressed in his armor.

They are arranged as follows:


Venus                Jupiter

      Mars   Mercury

With the Crystal in the center. The obelisk glows and Queen Serenity appears.

[QUEEN] Are you prepared?

[ALL] We are

[QUEEN] Very well my daughters.

<A gasp sounds>

[QUEEN] Yes, you are all my daughters. Serenity was first born and thus heir. You have felt your closeness in part due to a bond deeper than mere friendship. No matter where you would go in the world, eventually youo would all be drawn together.  There is much you will learn through this.  Be strong. I ask the Great Goddess and God to guide us, and grant our wish that these couples, torn apart so long ago, may once again walk together and share their Love.

<She walks around the group in a circle.>

[QUEEN] > The Circle is Raised <She picks up a vial of salt water (earth & water) and incense is lit>

<Walking around the group she anoints each one saying >

[QUEEN] Powers of Water and Earth cleanse and grant strength to your body

[QUEEN] May the Great Goddess gift you with understanding and the Great God grant you sharpness of sight that you may serve as worthy record of this union.

<The Queen Sprinkles Salt on Serenity’s feet>

[QUEEN] Powers of Earth, primal foundation, let her way be smooth and give her the gift of fertility in mind and spirit that she may be a source of growth and strength.

<Censuring about her head: >

[QUEEN] Powers of Air, creative principle, grant her quickness of mind that she may be a font of inspiration and a source of direction.

<Holding a lit candle before her gaze: >

[QUEEN] Powers of Fire, source of passion, grant her desire that she may provide energy and light their passage through the ways ahead.

<Anointing the center of the chest with water >

[QUEEN] Powers of Water, deep principle, fill her heart that love shall flow around obstacles unerringly in its course to the great sea.

<The Queen now turns to Endymnion, sprinkling salt on his feet>

[QUEEN] Powers of Earth, primal foundation, gift him with stable heart and strong arm to defend and protect.

<Censuring about his head: >

[QUEEN] Powers of Air, creative principle, let his mind be nimble and light that none may confound or bind him.

<Holding the lit candle before his gaze: >

[QUEEN] Powers of Fire, source of passion, grant him fierce devotion to guard love from all that would seek it harm.

<Anointing the center of the chest with water >

[QUEEN] Powers of Water, deep principle, grant intuition and fluid grace to take him upon his way.

[QUEEN] You come to the chamber of the Great Goddess to witness and become an echo of creation. Hear well, see all, and remember for all time. You shall carry this promise back to the world that it may be given force before man and spirit. Merry meet!

[QUEEN]: Blessed be and well come to this place. Be free from care and healed of harm while you sojourn here.

<She turns to Endymnion>

[QUEEN] You enter the chamber of the Great Goddess seeking self. Let the spirit of the Great God be upon you that your hunt will be true.

<She Leads him to the oblisk, and places his hand upon it.>

[QUEEN] Blessed be and well come to this place. Be free from care and healed of harm while you sojourn here.

<She turns to Serenity>

[QUEEN] The Great Goddess walks within you. Enter this place and walk within the Great Goddess

<She Leads her to the obelisk, and places her hand upon it.>

[QUEEN] Blessed be and well come to this place. Be free from care and healed of harm while you sojourn here. Well come all, and thrice blessed this place and time that see’s two travelers find a common road.

<The Queen takes their place at the peak of the pentacle>

[QUEEN]: In the endless dark of the unborn world there came two flames becoming one fire. Let Their flames burn in your hearts to bring light and warmth to the night of your soul.

<She turns to Endymnion>

[QUEEN] You represent the Great God...Lord of the Wild Hunt. He who is the light which consumes all and the darkness of mens souls. Find him in the white heat of battle and the cold of black steel. Only in the face of beauty is his wild soul restrained. All that is the Great Goddess he has sworn to protect...and the Great Goddess is in this one here. <she points at Serenity> Will you take His part to guard that beauty?


<She turns to Serenity>

[QUEEN]: You represent the Great Goddess...Queen of Heaven. She who is the fertile seed in the womb of earth and the barren shroud of winter snow. She is the moonlit grove where all is clear and the dark caves of hidden mystery. Find her at the heart of all life and tangled in the roots of passion. Her body is the bed upon which the Great God finds respite. She embraces the wild night and give the Hunt purpose. The heart of the Great God stirs in this one here. <she points at Endymnion> Will you give his hunt direction?


[QUEEN]: Let the fires within you intertwine and become a single source of light upon your path.

<She takes a Gold and Silver cord, and wrapping their hands together says >

[QUEEN]: May your spirits be bound, your minds be common, and your bodies be one that none may come between you so long as your path is shared.

[QUEEN]: May the Great Goddess and the Great God stand beside you always.

<Serenity and Endymnion glow brightly, and their bodies fall to the ground not moving. Standing in their place, are two figures, obviously them, but glowing with an inner power. They have cast off their mortal bodies to assume the true form of the Gods.>

Image (9273 bytes)

[QUEEN]: Behold, what came as two goes forth as one. May their path be clear and easy beneath their feet.

[QUEEN]: Serenity and Endymnion have been joined as was promised so long ago. They have cast off the tie to mortal life which have sustained them all these centuries and returned to their true state. You four have fought long to protect her and sacrificed much. What do you now ask for?

[MARS] I ask that Jadeite be restored to Life. I have his Spirit, sealed in this crystal so long ago during the Great War. I have this earring which he gave to me and I gave to him.

[VENUS] I ask that Kunzite be restored to Life. I have his Spirit, sealed in this crystal so long ago during the Great War. I have this Katana, which I gave to him, and he used honorably on the field of battle to stop my pain.

[MERCURY] I ask that Zoisite be restored to Life. I have his Spirit, sealed in this crystal so long ago during the Great War. I have this Crystal Rose made from his love of me, and stained with my tears shed or him.

[JUPITER] I ask that Nephrite be restored to Life. I have his Spirit, sealed in this crystal so long ago during the Great War. I have this earring bearing his namesake crystal given out of his love for me and worn out of my love for him.

[QUEEN] Do you understand the sacrifice required of you?

[ALL] We Do.

[QUEEN] Are you prepared?

[ALL] We Are.

[QUEEN] Begin.

<All four kneel and draw short blade then cut their palms>

[ALL] My Blood is your Blood. I shed this to that you may live again. I die, so that we may be together.

<They press their bleeding palms into the stones. A glow rises from them>

[ALL] Return to the land of the living. Return to me. My heart is empty without you. Your sins are forgiven. I Love You.

<Ami sighs, and collapses. Her body turns to stardust>

[QUEEN] It is almost time. Be ready my daughter.

<Mars smiles. Her lips move, but it is too faint. She dissolves into stardust.>

<The bodies of Serenity and Endymnion also dissolve into stardust. It is very cloudy in the chamber, but the obelisk glows even brighter.>

[JUPITER] I See Him! Nephrite!

<she collapses, becoming dust>

[VENUS] Kunzite, my beloved. Soon we will be together again.

<as she too fades, the stones of the Lords glow brighter, and start to crack. A popping sound is heard as each stone releases its spirit, and consumes the possessions dearest to them.>

[QUEEN] Now my daughter.

[SERENITY] Great Goddess, grant these lovers their desire to once again be united. Heal the old wounds, and allow their love to once again flow together.

<She holds the Silver Crystal in her hand, and casts..>


<Endymnion supports her and cups her hands with his, lending his strength to her wish.>

[SERENITY] Please. Live.

< she collapses. Totally drained. The room is plunged into darkness.>

[SCENE] A lone flickering candle in a darkened room. Serenity is lying on the floor, Endymnion stroking her hair. Queen Serenity holds the candle.

[QUEEN] It will take a few minutes for the light to return. It was strained more when I sent you all to earth when we fell, but we should know shortly if it worked.

[ENDYMNION] What happened?

[QUEEN] You are now fully one of us. Your father you knew, but your mother was a Senshi. You have always been half mortal, half god. Now, the mortal is dead, but the god will live on. Guard her well, my Son. Your bodies, and those of her Senshi were consumed by the spell to provide the materials so that your Guard may live again. We should know now if it worked.

<The light slowly flickers back on into the room. Lying at the 4 points where the Senshi disappeared are the four Lords. The Senshi are no where to be seen.>

[SERENITY] Where are they?

[QUEEN] Wait….

Image (37293 bytes)

<four figures slowly appear, 1 by each Lord. The Lords stand and hold out their arms to their loves>

[KUNZITE] Venus! You all sacrificed so much for us. How can we ever thank you?

[VENUS] Marry us.

<The other 3 Senshi nod in agreement>

[LORDS] We Will.

<They repeat the marriage ceremony for the lovers>

[QUEEN] Daughter, I must go now, My time here is at an end. We will meet again when your heir takes your place. Until then, remember, I Love You. Endymnion, Love her well. She is most precious to me.


[SERENITY] Goodbye Mother. I will make you proud.

[QUEEN] <fading> You always have…..

[ENDYMNION] You know, its gonna be real weird being a god and making minimum wage at a department store. <he smiles>

[SERENITY] We do not have to worry about that any longer. This is our home now. Until we return and start the new age.

[VENUS] Gonna take a while to clean up the place.

[SERENITY] Watch…..

<She holds the Silver Crystal, and concentrates…….The columns rise to their proper places. Centuries of decay and ruin repair themselves. The fountain begins to run again with cool crystal water. Plants rise from the ground and bloom. The palace is alive again!>

[SERENITY] We have honeymoons to enjoy. Or now, it is just us here. Soon, we will rebuild the kingdom. But for now….

<And we fade out as the couples kiss with a passion held for a thousand years.>


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[Authors End Notes ]

The marriage of Serenity and Endymnion is taken from a Pagan Handfasting ceremony. If you are offended, I’m sorry, but do try and get over it. I said it was gonna be controversial, so deal with it. As to the hows and the whys? Naoko’s painting with all 10 could be from the past, but I believe it was from the future. Now that in a recent play, they bring back some of the generals and Beryl, I begin to see how the story can loop full circle. She never did answer the questions o HOW Crystal Tokyo came into existence, if the old Kingdom was ever rebuilt, what did happen to those crystals the generals were kept in, and a dozen other plot lines. There is also a heavy New-Age/Pagan/Wiccan thread running through the whole story, most of which was edited out of the DIC version since it is felt that Americans aren’t able to handle things like that without shooting or blowing them up. This finishes up the Generals Saga. I do hope you have all enjoyed it. I need to move on to other projects and this will be my last Sailor Moon fan-fic. Thank you for reading my work.


Bob 2-12-99

This is my fifth attempt at a fan-fic.  Most of my exposure to Sailor Moon has been the NA version, with the subbed R & S movies and orig. Ep.44-46. [plus reading tons of fan-fic, & having aprox 1 GB of grfx/sound/etc. files] Anyone willing to somehow provide other eps. Subtitled, please drop me e-mail at ( They would be greatly appreciated! Please send comments, suggestions, or your own fan-fics to those addresses to. No flames please.

  I can be reached at for comments, accolades and suggestions. - Bob  


Copyright / Legal Stuff : Copyright(C)1997,1999 Bob Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  Sailor Moon and it’s associated terms/characters/locations/etc. are Trademarks of Naoko Takeuchi and are used without permission yet without malice. This story is a derivative work, and in no way, shape or form is intended to be an infringement of those rights. Permission is granted to individuals to distribute this document UNCHANGED. Posting of this on Web-Pages, Public Archives or BBS’s is granted as long as the person publishing this on a web-site or archiving this in an Archive posts/archives it UNCHANGED. At no time whatsoever, is this document to be published on a CD-ROM, Collections type disk, or in Paper form.

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