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From: Kaith Rustaz
Subject: Re: Pagans
Newsgroups: alt.pagan
Date: 1998/02/17

On Mon, 16 Feb 1998 11:43:55 -0800, OLDTIMER <>

>Can anyone simply describe a Pagan's beliefs, jobs/rituals, and
>benifits? (And how do you dodge fire&brimstone confrontations??)

I'm in no way an 'expert' but I think there's a FAQ floating around
here somewhere that might answer most of those questions better than

Personally, my beliefs center around focusing and accessing the
ability hidden in all. Some people call it PMA (positive mental
attitude) others call it 'Faith' others have different terms.

My ritual is probably one of the least elaberate around. Quiet time
spent in reflection, preferably walking the nature trails near my
home, simply listening to nature. Other times, when it's difficult to
get out, I turn the lights off, light a few candles, burn a little
incense, and put Yanni, or David Arkenstone, or Enya (or Mozart)

Close the eyes, and simply let the mind wander. (also's great on
headaches) ;-)

As far as the 'Fire & brimstone'. Some of my best friends are 'Born
again' Xians. Thats not to say we dont 'disagree'. Had to move outta
my old apartment due to the disagreements. We're still friends, just
couldnt co-habitate. My mother still refuses to acknowledge my faith.
last argument we had she accused me of wanting attention and that im
still a Xiam because I was confirmed. (Episcopal) (I'm 27, running 2
business's, and engaged. I dont have time to seek attention) :-)

It's hard, as I believe what I believe, and there is friction at
times. There are some times that are very challenging, and I dont
always pass the test. But that is when faith comes into play. With
it, all things are possible. You must believe in yourself, and take
care of yourself. Without it, you close the door on your own
potential. A common belief I think.



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